Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – June 18, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A business man forgets his
phone in the conference room of a company he made a presentation to
earlier in the day. He goes back for it and finds the reception room
empty, so he sees himself back, and retrieves his phone. As he’s walking
out, he spies a small piece of paper on the floor, and picks it up to
leave on the receptionists desk. Until he sees what it says…

Oh look – it’s Monday again! Exciting, no? 
my weekend *felt* unproductive (Sunday especially), it really wasn’t,
overall. The one major thing I did on Saturday was finishing up the
edits for Indelibly Inked, which will be officially released on
Friday along with my latest erotic romance under the Trinity Marlow
name (both will be showing up earlier all over the web…in case you’re
waiting). I finished the cover last week, as you can see. I’m pretty
pleased with how it turned out. All that’s left is the formatting and
uploading. Woohoo!
I think a major part of my issue this weekend
was that it was the second weekend in a row that I had “work” scheduled
(by which I mean working on books), rather than “play”. My brain revolts
at the “all work/no play” philosophy, and it was doing just that this
weekend, I think. Unfortunately, since I was supposed to be working, I
couldn’t allow myself to play. But since my head wanted to play, no work
got done either (talk about your Catch-22…I really should read that
book someday). I did, however, sit and watch two and the better part of a
third “Die Hard” movies with my husband. I love those movies…love
Bruce Willis. And I have my dad to thank for my love of action/adventure
flicks (so appropriate for Father’s Day, methinks – I did take him a
card). So that was fun, though I still had my laptop open in hopes I’d
get things done. Ever the optimist, I am…though nothing actually came
of it.
Point being – don’t skip recess! Next
Saturday, my husband will be playing golf, and I will be playing with
some clay projects at home.
Speaking of recess…we scheduled a big one
this weekend. This October, we’re taking a vacation to Universal Studios
in Florida so we can go to Halloween Horror Nights.
It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for *years*, and we could use a
break from the whole party thing, so it seemed like a good time. I’m
excited – I very rarely travel, so this will be the first time I’ve been
out of state in…6 years(?), and the first time to go so far south. So
it will be a good way to shake things up (and I’m quite certain I’ll
come back with plenty of new story ideas too). 
Talk about good motivation to lose another 30lbs too…can you say “airline seats”?
So…back to normal life. What’s this week look like? Busy, busy, and more busy. It’s all good though.
– Format & publish Indelibly Inked
– Finish edits to Irish Cream, format & publish
– Keep up with current serials (might finish The Minister’s Maid!)
– Reply to emails (I’m woefully behind – sorry!)
– Plant the Hydrangeas we bought this past weekend
– Spray the weeds in the yard again (I think the vinegar just might work…yay!)
– Back to a full normal workout schedule
– Get a haircut
– Schedule vet appts for the dogs, and an eye appt. for me

Alrighty then. Bring it on…

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