Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – June 25, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A strong breeze threatened
to snuff the torch as the man moved quickly through the cold stone
passageway. Dripping water echoed from somewhere beyond the firelight,
and once more a thin voice whispered his name…

last week when I said it was going to be super-busy? I had no idea that
we’d get rear-ended on the way to work, and thus sidetracked for quite
awhile dealing with everything that comes of that. Annoying, to say the
least, and exhausting when all is said and done. Now we’re crossing our
fingers that the insurance company will pay for the repairs on the car,
rather than just writing it off and giving us less money than needed to
replace it. That should never even be an option, IMO – it’s just another
way to screw the victim. 


still managed to get quite a bit done last week (most of it before the
wreck), which is good. And I managed to get two books released by
Friday, which was a minor miracle, all things considered. Saturday I was
wiped out, but I spent most of the day playing catch-up with the
writing, which means I had to skip “recess” yet again. Sunday we were
busy doing yard work, errands and housework all day (as most of you
probably were too, eh?). It’s pretty crazy how fast the weekend goes
when there’s so much to do – and I have things that didn’t get done on
my list for tonight.

It’s hot and muggy…and I’ll try not to complain too much about it, but summer is definitely not my favorite season…

new hydrangeas do look lovely in front of the house though. I should
have taken a picture – they’ll be gorgeous in a couple years once they
get established. 

This week, I
have stuff to catch up from last week, new things to get started, and
the whole car thing to deal with. The dogs are happy though – all vet
appts are on hold pending either the return of our Subaru or a suitable
replacement, since I’m far too paranoid to shuttle dogs in the bed of a
truck, even in crates. Not that my older dog would handle that well

Here’s the list for this week: 

– Finish The Minister’s Maid (two additions and it’s done)
– Catch up a scene for Animal
– Format the print version of Indelibly Inked
Catch up on housework
Regular workouts
– Start a new draft or two
Spend some time crafting

also guest-posting at the #Amwriting blog later this week (Thursday) –
I’ll post a link here when that goes up for those interested.

Here’s hoping for a far less eventful week than last going forward….

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