Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, June 4, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: Morning dawns on a woman
who gets up, showers, brushes her teeth and makes coffee, all with the
niggling sense that something is “off”. She gathers her things for work,
and pulls up the calendar on her phone, stopped just before she gets
out the door by a one-word appointment made long ago and forgotten until
that second…

Dude. What the heck happened to May?
kind of in a ranty mood today, but it’s Monday, so that’s to be
expected. And I’ll spare you, because there’s really no need to waste
time on the myriad of topics I could easily rant about. Let’s just focus
on the positives instead, okay?
Last week was
a pretty productive week – I got my Goodreads shelves updated (finally –
scroll down to the widget in the sidebar or find me under my very own
name there if you want to connect), which has the added bonus of
cleaning up my “Currently Reading” folder on my Kindle (I have a rule –
books stay in “currently reading” even after read until I update
Goodreads with a rating – then they move into genre-appropriate
folders). So that was good, and didn’t take as long as I thought it
I also updated my nail art and tea
blogs, and sent out the BSB newsletter…and I seem to have mostly
shaken that stupid cold too (still a bit of a cough/sinus thing, but
livable with). Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the novelette I was hoping
to release by Friday, so I’ll have to rearrange my publishing schedule a
bit (stupid cold), but it’s all good. Is it really my fault when
characters just won’t get to the end as quickly as I’d like? No, no it’s
I didn’t get much (or any) crafting done
this weekend either, which was a bummer. But we’re focus on the
positive today, so no whining.I did get the revisions back for Indelibly Inked,
and they’re very thorough and thoughtful, as usual…and I need to
rewrite/add a few things that will fill in certain (*ahem*) plot holes I
may have left behind. And tie up some loose ends. And give my
characters a little more “action” (because apparently, they told my
editor I cheated them out of a pretty big kiss – dang horny characters).
So lots to do there, but all good stuff.
I have a ton of things to do this week
(because I wasn’t working at full capacity last week, so I’m behind).
Not sure if I’ll get them all done or not, but I’m certainly going to
– Vote
– Four serial scenes
– Finish IC (must! must! must!)
– Cover art for Indelibly Inked
– Start revisions for II (only after IC is done!)
– Nail art and crochet videos
– More email replies
– Last root canal (yay! And it’s a redo, not a new one)
– Some much needed housecleaning
– Back to regular workouts
– Local Strawberry Festival on Saturday (also my mom’s birthday)

That’s what I’m up to…busy busy, as usual. How’s your first week of June shaping up?

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