Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – May 14, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A golden lab tugs the leash out of his owner’s hand and runs off, owner
in hot pursuit. Out of nowhere a man tackles the dog, and after a brief
struggle on the ground, runs off as the owner catches up. While checking
the scared pup for injuries, the owner finds something attached to the
dog’s collar…

trust you all had a good weekend, whether you were celebrating or not.
Personally, I dropped off a gift for my mom on Saturday, and then stayed
home Sunday to avoid the well-intentioned but misplaced holiday wishes I
seem to get merely by virtue of my gender. Women don’t have to be
mothers to be complete and happy with their lives…yet every year I get
the “but you have dogs” or whatever, so you’re still a mom. Um, no. I’m
a dog owner (one who loves her dogs very, very much, but I’m not their
mother). Implying that I simply must be a mother of “something” simply
because I’m female is a bit insulting, to be honest, though I’m
generally polite to those who just don’t get it (which seems to be most
women). I made a conscious choice *not* to be a mom, so implying I must
be whether I want to or not sort of diminishes that choice, in my mind
at least.
ANYways…now that half the women who read
here have clicked off in a huff…back to more fun subjects. Like books
and clay and cameras and vacations…
Last week
went pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. I got my serial chapters
done (though I didn’t finish the story I’d planned to…it just wasn’t
“there” yet), got a new camera ordered (’bout time), and started
updating my web graphics and sites. I even finished the new cover art
for The Minister’s Maid – I think it turned out quite nicely!

are turning out to be my “crafting” days (though this summer my husband
has informed me we’re building a shed, so my crafting may get
superseded for a few weeks), and I have to say, I am enjoying every
minute. I do still get twinges of guilt for not doing something
business/writing related, but when I sit down to write on other days
now, it seems like my head is clearer, and it’s easier to focus. So
while I may be less productive as a writer than I would otherwise be, I
think it’s a good thing overall. This past weekend I made my first
polymer clay coaster, some little mushrooms, and a bookmark prototype
that I think will need more work before I get the pattern down right.
The coaster still needs to be finished as well, but I’m pretty happy
with how it’s coming along, and I’ll post pics when it’s done.
of pics – I’m very excited about the new camera I ordered! It’s a Sony
Cyber-shot (insert a bunch of letters & numbers here) with
capability for video and 3D images as well. Unfortunately it won’t be
here until next week, but I think it will be worth the wait. I miss
having a good camera to share pictures with.
husband is leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow – his pool team is playing in
a tournament down there this week. That means five days alone for me –
and while I’ll get really tired of that by about day 3, I’ll have a lot
of extra time to get things done. My plan is to do revisions on a
novella that I’d like to release this spring, and finish one or two of
my current serial drafts so I can get those into editing/revisions as
well. I’m taking tomorrow off work so I can take him to the airport (at
4am, thank you very much), sleep in, and have some more dental work
done, but I should be able to start my writing blitz then too. Fun!
So then, that said…here’s my list for the week:
– Four serial chapters
– Finish 1 to 2 serial drafts
– First revision of Irish Cream, then send to editor
– Complete revisions on Indelibly Inked, send to editor
– Finish web site/blog updates
– Update Goodreads
– Finish the clay coaster I started
– Re-watch the last episode of Castle
going to be *plenty*, but considering the TV season is over, I’ll have
the TV off most of the week, and aside from eating and working out, my
time is my own, so I should be able to get it all done.

Here’s to a productive week all the way around!

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2 comments on “Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – May 14, 2012

  1. anne gallagher

    That’s funny what you say about Mother’s Day. I spent the day at my mother’s doing the garden, dealing with a negligent lawn mower, scraping the crud out of the gutters. When I got home, my daughter’s father asked why I spent so much time there, it was Mother’s Day, didn’t I want to just laze around in bed? Yeah, right.

    Your to-do list sounds a lot like mine this week. Finish my novella, format another book for paperback, go back into revisions/rewrites for a third novel, and then start a short story I’ve been dying to write. Here’s to us that we get everything done.

  2. Jamie D.

    Wow – sounds like you had a very busy day! Productive though…I like productive days like that.

    Good luck with your writing/editing/revising list – sounds like work, but fun work, eh? 😉