Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – May 21, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A street
vendor is closing up shop for the night, and notices a homeless woman
sitting in a nearby alley. Struck by her thin frame and matted hair, he
makes up a couple of hot dogs and takes them to her with a bottle of
water. At first, she doesn’t respond, but when she finally looks up, his
heart breaks when her eyes meet his…

jinxed myself last week, thinking I could get a bunch of stuff done
while my husband was out of town. Alas, it seems that I was meant to
clean out my refrigerator instead, as evidenced by the defroster
thermostat going out Tuesday night. Long story short, it was noon on
Friday before I had refrigeration again, and there was a lot of cleaning
and cleaning out to do in the interim. All of my plans to write, revise
and edit up a storm? Gone with the refrigeration. 
is kind of ironic that one of the episodes of Dr. Quinn I watched last
week centered around a scam involving investments in a new-fangled “home
refrigeration unit” that was just a box with a chunk of ice in it… 
to say, aside from a clean fridge and my normal serial scenes, I don’t
have much to show for last week. But I did get my new camera, and it’s
*awesome*. Clear pictures, all the time, even with my rather shaky grip
(as you can see by the wolves above). That alone was worth the expense.
Now I can start updating my nail art blog again, and bothering everyone
with pics of my yarn and clay experiments…
I did spend some time at ZooMontana on Saturday for our local Geranium
Festival, which was fun. That’s when I snapped the wolf picture – lazy
pups. Talk about a head-rush laying downhill like that, eh? 
So this week, I really need to step things up. I did actually revise the first chapter of Indelibly Inked
last week, so if I can continue working on that a bit at a time, at
least it will be progress. And I’m so very close to the end of Irish Cream
I can nearly taste it (Bailey’s, anyone? Mmm…Bailey’s). If I can
finish that one, and get another…say…three chapters (?) of II
revised, I’ll consider the week a success. 
decided that posting on Saturdays just isn’t going to happen – I’m too
busy crafting and playing offline for that to really be feasible. So
I’ll leave Tuesdays open (for now), and my new “Writer At Play” feature
will slide into the Thursday spot, starting this week. I actually have
two posts already written and ready, I just haven’t gotten them posted,
so I think this will work better. 
Goals for the Week
– Four serial chapters (finish IC if possible)
– Revise three chapters of Indelibly Inked
– Catch up all blogs
– Work on a better post-writing schedule (I’ve gotten lazy – need to remedy that)
– Finish updating web sites
– Start checking/using calendars regularly again 
– Return emails owed
– Catch up Goodreads shelves (I’m so far behind!) 
That’s it for the week…happy reading and/or writing! 

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