Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, May 28, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: The blinds are closed, and all is dark as a shadow glides along the loading docks of the post office. A brief stop at a metal box mounted in corner results in one of the rolling doors going up just two feet, the racket overly loud in the surrounding silence. Quickly the shadow rolls onto the cement pad and under the door before it clangs shut again. But then the internal lights flicker on…

To all those who have served, thank you for doing your duty – especially those who may not have agreed with your orders but carried them out anyways. It takes a special kind of dedication and determination to work under those conditions…and I doubt I could do it. 

To the rest of you, happy day-off-from-work…we don’t generally celebrate around here (doesn’t really seem like a “celebratory” holiday, you know?), but it is nice to sleep in and get caught up on a few extra things. Today is my brother-in-law’s birthday, so we’ll be doing the birthday meal thing, but other than that I’ve got no plans save newsletters, finishing up some ebooks on the publishing schedule for Friday, and writing (and laundry, put off from yesterday). 

My husband, kind man that he is, shared his head cold with me, so I’m fighting that too. Which makes everything slightly more difficult and less fun. I hate having a foggy brain…

Ah-choo! *cough*  

In any case, last week was very productive. I found a new calendar program for my tablet that I like far better than the one I was using, and it imports my Google calendars so I can still keep those updated for sharing online, but I can use Jorte for the better interface and tablet widgets (widgets are important!). And everything is synced to the cloud, of course, so whenever I have to replace the tablet (heaven forbid), my schedule is safe. Whew! 
There’s nothing like a good calendar program to get me motivated, I tell ya. After that was in place, I updated all my google calendars save the writing projects one (still trying to decide how I want to organize that), created a new posting schedule for my blogs, and laid out my publishing schedule for the next few months. I finally updated the BSB blog, and this past weekend I finished the revisions for Indelibly Inked, and sent it off to the editor for her perusal. Now I need to figure out cover art and a blurb for that story, but it’s on the schedule for a June 15th release. 
Yesterday I updated my three main web sites: FantasyRanchNovels.com, JamieDeBree.com and BrazenSnakeBooks.com. The BSB site looks a little sparse, but that’s because I’m making room for information on some fun things coming up starting in July and continuing on into the next year. I still need to get my pen name sites updated, but I just sort of ran out of steam (stupid cold).  
So lots done last week – including all of my serial chapters. This week, with any luck, more of the same: 
– Four serial chapters (must finish IC this week, at any cost)
– Newsletters (should be sent out tonight)
– Update pen name sites
– Return emails (yes, really!)
– Update my writing schedule calendar
 New release for Carol Ward on Friday (yay!)
– Update nail art & tea review blogs
– Get over this stupid cold
– Update Goodreads? We’ll see. 
That’s my plan…and I plan to get moving on it pretty quickly. Right after a hot shower, and maybe some more tea…
Happy Memorial Day and/or Monday – and watch out for Tuesday! 

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2 comments on “Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, May 28, 2012

  1. Dolly

    Hooray on getting all these stuff done! In terms of getting tasks done, my last week wasn’t productive. But it was a much needed reflection and break time. So looking forward to getting back into the routine.

  2. Jamie D.

    Gotta have those breaks once in awhile – it’s good for the brain. But yeah, I really like my routines…