Weekly News, Goals & Prompt, Sept. 10, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A woman is looking for her cat, who failed
to come home that night. She knocks on doors in the neighborhood,
asking if anyone’s seen the animal. At the end of the block, she passes
up the run-down property notorious for being haunted, but as she’s
walking by the gate, she sees a man sitting on the front steps, petting a

What is it about fall that brings on
the craziness? I mean, normally I’m planning a big party, but we’re
skipping that this year in favor of a vacation. We don’t have kids, so
shouldn’t this be just like any other time of year for us? 
not. Last week was really long, considering it was actually one day
short. Much stress made me happy to see it go. This weekend was okay,
but far too random for me to get anything much done, which I hate. I’m
writing this on Sunday, so unfortunately you’re getting my “annoyed by
lack of routine” attitude (for which I apologize), but hopefully Monday
will be more on par with “normal”. I am *so* ready for normal…
to the stress last week (much of it dog-related), I didn’t get nearly
as much done as I’d hoped. Now that *that* seems to be alleviated
(mostly), perhaps I can focus after the day job and actually be
productive. Here’s what needs to be done by Friday: 
– RMSM formatted and uploaded for print. 
– Anthology formatted and uploaded for print, with author copies ordered
– Winter anthology cover done, call for submissions posted
– Normal serial scenes 
– Thriller cover (considering the story’s almost done)
– One other scene for Christmas story
– Make sure hubby doesn’t die finishing up the shed project (you think I’m joking, don’t you?) 

Refrain from harming the second-youngest neighbor kid (who seems to
think communication can only occur at  pitches closer to a dog whistle
than actual human speech) 
And with that, I’ll
end my curmudgeonly little post, with the promise to be brighter and
sun-shinier next week. Unless you prefer this
whole sarcastically annoyed thing. ‘Cause I could totally do that again,
if you’d prefer…
Here’s to a good week, eh? *crosses fingers & toes*

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