Weekly News, Goals & Prompt – Sept. 17, 2012

Prompt o’ the Week: A hiker picks out a spot
to bury a metal box, and starts to dig. When the hole is deep enough,
the hiker kneels down and places the box in the hole, then notices a
shiny metal object embedded in one of the clay walls near the bottom…

I love fall. I love wearing sweatshirts, I love when the leaves
start turning colors, and I love getting ready for Halloween. Our local
Spirit Halloween store opened this past weekend, and yeah, we were
there. We’re not even having a party this year, but we’re still doing
the yard haunt, and naturally we needed more fun props for *that*…and
of course we bought some things that won’t go outside too. They’re
inside props, and the type of props we just keep out as normal house
decor all year round. Very fun…I’m hanging a skull on a big red bow on
the front door this week, and getting out my clock that moans or
screams every daylight hour soon. 

We also worked more on the shed this weekend – hubby and his
buddies got the roof sheeted on Saturday, and then he and I started the
siding on Sunday. We may actually finish it one of these days.

Writing/publishing wise, I finished a short story (horror) this
weekend (still needs edits and a cover), and I also finished the print
formatting & cover for the new anthology coming out on the 28th.
It’s uploaded and ready to be printed, so I’ll be ordering author and
review copies this week. I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned
out…I hope it does well. 

So…what’s next? Well, let’s make a list, shall we? 

– Finish ebook formatting for anthology and send out author copies
– Print formatting/upload for RMSM
– Cover art and editing for the finished horror short
– Start new horror short in the series (a Halloween themed story!)
– Three more serial scenes for stories in progress
– Help finish up the shed next weekend (fingers crossed!)
– Cover art and submissions call (finally!) for the winter anthology

And that’s about all I can handle, methinks! Oh wait. I want to try
to make chocolate pudding out of chocolate milk and ground chia seeds
too. But I’m pretty sure I’ll remember that without it being officially
on the list…

Here’s to fall, and another cooler, productive week…

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