Weekly News & Prompt, February 13, 2012

Week 7 Prompt: It’s two in the morning, and
the world is silent save the gentle clicking of fingernails on a
keyboard. The computer screen is white and full of colorful programming
code that shifts upward every few seconds. The clicking stops, and long
seconds pass as her finger hovers over the key that will execute the

Has it really been seven weeks
since I started this whole “flash a week” thing? Wow. Time flies, eh? I
can honestly say I learn something new every time I write one of those,
and that is definitely carrying over to my longer drafts. “Practice
makes perfect” may be one of the most tired cliches out there, but it
holds true. If you want to be a better writer, write more. 
week was crazy-busy…you might recall I had four books to format and
publish, three of which I wanted available by Valentine’s Day. 
happy to say that after an insanely busy weekend marathon of pretty
much nothing but moving text around and filling out forms, Heart Knocks
is available now, as are two erotic collections under my Trinity pen
name. Here’s the thing, though. If you want any of them, you might want
to hold off on buying and come back tomorrow. I think you’ll be glad you
did. And that’s all I’m saying about that. 
thing about tomorrow – I’ll be blogging over at the #Amwriting.org site
about romance in fiction vs. real life. So pop over there and say hi if you get a
Let’s see…what else is going on?
I have the basic formatting figured out for Flash 52,
but last week while I was writing up the blurb, I decided to add a few
more sections for people who are just getting started with writing flash
fiction. So then I had to figure those out, and decide where they
belong in the grand scheme of the book. So I completed that this
weekend, and now I just have to finish the final formatting and get the
print cover from the cover artist, and I’ll be all set with that. With
any luck, the book will actually be available before the end of *this*
year, but it was worth it to take the time with this particular style of
book. It’s strength will be in the ability to either print the Adobe
version and put it in a binder, or use the print copy like a writer’s
exercise journal. So the format was nearly as important as the content,
to me, at least.

Oh, and Wednesday I’ve got a post about villains, with a closer look at
Rumpelstiltskin from the TV series, “Once Upon a Time”. I had an
epiphany watching this week’s episode that will apply to my writing…

This week I still have a
pretty full schedule – my normal writing, a couple of other formatting
projects, and some cover art I’ve been working on doing myself (to save a
bit of $$ – I’ll need a lot of covers this year!). My older dog is also
having a tumor removed from his eyelid on Friday, which means Thursday
night/Friday will be chaotic and stressful for all of us what with the
fasting required and early drop-off time. I’m not looking forward to
that, but it needs to be done.
I am going to try to get newsletters out this week…hopefully tonight & tomorrow. But we’ll see.

Here’s to a groovy week!

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