Weekly News & Prompt – February 20, 2012

Week 8 Prompt: A man gets to the office early, cheerful and anxious to finish a big project he’s been working on for months. He boots up his computer, and finds an email from the boss requesting a status update. Happy to oblige, he takes his coffee cup and walks to the boss’s office, the smile on his face fading as he glances in the window…

Good morning! 

Yes, it is a good Monday morning…because here in the states, it’s President’s Day, which means I’m off from the day job. It’s always handy when the “night job” can move to daytime – I definitely get more done that way. 

Last week was a super-busy week. I didn’t get any newsletters out, and I may have annoyed some people with my Valentine’s Day post at #Amwriting.org, but as of Saturday, I finally finished all of the current outstanding formatting projects on my list. Which is awesome, as they were taking up a lot of my “free” time, especially for the past three weekends. I have a couple more publications coming up, but I have a few weeks for those, so no rush. Good news, since I still need to finish catching up my bookkeeping from last year so I can do our taxes. Blech.

My first non-fiction title, Flash 52: 52 Writing Prompts for a Year of Flash Fiction is finally available in digital form, and includes all of my weekly prompts (like the one above) for the year, plus notes on how to get started writing flash fiction, and how to polish up a flash draft. The Adobe version is formatted specifically to print out and put in a binder for use as a workbook if you choose, and the print version will be the same way, though I’m waiting on the cover art for that. Honestly, the formatting took me the longest on this book, because I wanted it to be *useful* as an exercise book for writers, not merely readable. 

It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but if you want the Adobe version, you’ll need to shop either at my Brazen Snake Books store or Smashwords. If you buy it directly from me in the BSB store, and use the code “FLASHME”, you’ll get it for 50% off (ie, $1.99 instead of $2.99) all this week.  

Will I be doing more non-fiction? Depends on how this one sells, I suppose. I’ve been toying with the idea of a step-by-step “how to” for serial stories….

This week I really do plan to get newsletters sent out – so if you want the latest scoop along with codes for free book downloads, I have several you can sign up for, depending on your personal tastes: 

Variety News – My personal newsletter for romantic suspense, general flash fiction and the non-fiction books. 
Brazen Snake Monthly – My business newsletter for BSB, including news for all three pen names, authors who publish with me, and the Rattles Flash Fiction imprint. 
Naughty Encounters – Newsletter for my Trinity pen name (erotica)
Westhaven Chills – Newsletter for my Alex pen name (suspense – sign up in sidebar)

The author newsletters will also have links to all the serial chapters posted so far, so if you need to catch up, that’s a good way to do it. Note that all three author newsletters will only go out when I have new releases to report. The BSB newsletter will be the only monthly newsletter from here on out. 

Other than that, lots of writing to do this week, along with the aforementioned bookkeeping and some housecleaning. Heck, maybe I’ll even get some of my Smurf collection additions cataloged…

Here’s hope your week is off to a great start as well!

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