Weekly News & Prompt – February 27, 2012

Week 9 Prompt: 

A woman is running down the street, dodging other people as she makes her way through a crowded sidewalk. She looks over her shoulder, then spies a mail slot in the door of a business with a “Closed” sign in the window. Breathing hard, she stops long enough to push something through the slot, and then sprints across the street…

Hmm…looks like Monday again. 

Sure you
don’t want to just call in sick and go back to bed? Yeah, I can’t
do that either. Some days I really wish I was that person, but alas,
I am a horrible liar (in real life, at least), and far too
responsible for my own good (or so people tell me). Which is odd,
considering I have no trouble dreaming up fiction….

In any case, I am an utter failure at
newsletters, it would seem, as I still haven’t gotten any out. Do I
try this week? Do I just admit that they aren’t going to get done
and move along? Are all those people who say I need to do them right
or wrong?

I don’t know either. We’ll just see
how this week goes. I do want to do them….

Yes, I love ellipses. Even if it did
take me three times to spell the word correctly.

What was I talking about? Oh right.
Newsletters, because I had a lot of new books releasing in February.
You’ll notice I didn’t publish anything this weekend – I took a
bit of a break. Next weekend though, if I can get the cover art put
together, I should have another flash collection to release under my
Alex Westhaven pen name (that’s suspense/thriller for those who
don’t follow my alter-egos). It will be called “No Hazard Pay”,
and will feature four flash stories about jobs gone awry. Fun stuff,
I tell ya!

What else is going on? Well, I have
lots of fun things coming in the mail this week, including an
adorable tiny metal smurf to add to my growing collection, a new
purse and wallet (my first “designer” purchase), and a wireless
trackball to use with my laptop (the scroll wheel on my mouse
broke…I cannot live without a scroll wheel, and I love trackballs).
I need to order tea rather badly (my husband disagrees, but that’s
only because he doesn’t understand the intricacies of single estate
vs. flavored blends, and the proper time/usage for each), but that
will have to wait until payday (Wednesday – yay!). I also need a
new digital camera and my dress shoes are horribly worn out, so I’ll
be shopping next weekend, sadly. The camera will be more fun to find
than the shoes, I’m sure. I hate shoe/clothes shopping.

As far as writing goes, business as
usual with the serial stories:

In this week’s chapter of The Minister’s Maid, we find out Betsy’s totally in the wrong
place, and hopefully Ian can save himself. Or she gets to him in
time, one of the two. I think we left him passed out on the bed –
not exactly in good fighting shape.

Last week in Alex’s chapter of
Animal, Jake found some rather disturbing things, and then
something even more worrisome. I’m not sure yet, but he and Edward
may well clash this week. That should be interesting…

Trinity’s chapter of Irish Cream
is going to be a bit nerve-wracking for our heroine, more so than
last week even as she finds herself in need of the one thing she
doesn’t want – a man’s protection.

Falling in Public has flown way
out of control (pun intended, permission to groan granted), and
Friday we’ll see how the heck Eddie plans to get himself and Holly
out of the air safely, and hopefully to a hospital.

I have a couple other projects in the
works as well…but I’m working on them a little at a time, when I
have a spare minute, so no big announcements yet.

And that’s it for this week, I think.
I hope your Monday isn’t too rebellious, and that it goes by

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One comment on “Weekly News & Prompt – February 27, 2012

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Oh my dearest Jamie, what a busy week you have planned! I hope everything falls into place and you do not get worn to a nub. By the way, I do agree with the assessment of you being super responsible. You have responsibility down to a fine art. Sending you best wishes for a wonderful week! Ardee-ann