Weekly News & Prompt – February 6, 2012

Flash 52 Week 6: A
couple sits at a table in a fancy restaurant, one dressed nicely, the
other in torn jeans and a stained shirt. They seem to be together,
but not, and they’re arguing quietly about something…

Welcome back
Monday, eh? I had a decent week last week, and very productive, and
Saturday wasn’t bad either, but I kind of got sidetracked Saturday
night and my productivity just fell off the edge of the world. It
happens. Sunday was spent trying to catch up, which is why I’m
writing this post at midnight and still have my nails left to do
before bed (and laundry to get out of the dryer). Someday I’m going
to figure out how to trick myself into doing work laundry before
Sunday night…

In any case, my
alter ego’s new novelette, The Paramedic, is out now, so
that’s good. I’ll be publishing two collections under that name
as well in the next couple of weeks. And the new story has got me
entranced – I’m playing with story arcs, so it will be a good
learning experience and character study.

As for my Flash
book, I’ve finally settled on the formatting and have the
adobe file ready, I just need to get the other formats done, and I’ll
be publishing it in print workbook form as well. I’d really hoped
to get the digital files done this weekend, but that just didn’t
happen. But I should be able to finish them tomorrow night.

I’ve decided to
wait until next weekend to release Heart Knocks – that gives
me a little more time, and it seems appropriate to release a
collection of love stories just before Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be sending
out newsletters later this week – mine, the BSB letter, and one for
Trinity’s list to announce the new releases.

Other than that,
this week is all about tension in my writing world:

  • Will Betsy &
    Derek survive in this week’s chapter of The Minister’s Maid?

  • Is Kate still
    alive, and if so, can Jake get to her without getting killed in my
    alter-ego’s chapter of Animal?

  • What is a
    brazen redhead doing coming on to a dangerously sexy bartender after
    just breaking off her engagement in my other alter-ego’s new
    story, Irish Cream?

  • And just how
    bad is Holly’s captor, and will she finally figure out how to
    escape in this week’s chapter of Falling in Public?

Oh yeah, and what
the heck is up with that couple in this week’s flash prompt? What
are they fighting about, and how’s it all going to work out? Guess we’ll find out Sunday, eh? Well, I’ll find out Friday night…

Questions. The
world of a writer is built on questions.

Now, I need to go
do my nails. A lovely matte cement color this week. If we’re all
lucky, I might even remember to post a photo on my nail blog Tuesday.

Wishing you a week
of questions, and the answers to match…

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One comment on “Weekly News & Prompt – February 6, 2012

  1. Dolly

    I was just beginning to wonder what happened to your blog posts, because I hadn’t managed to catch one on Facebook for a while. 🙂 Sunday night, work laundry. Yup! I know all about that. And even worse, with the single washer/dryer, it’s not always guaranteed that clothes would come out dry.

    Enjoy the productivity and love story collection in times of Valentine’s day is most appropriate. Some might even call it timely marketing!