Weekly News & Prompt – January 16, 2012

Week 3 Prompt: A one-hundred
dollar bill is crumpled and lying in a stone planter outside a
restaurant door, half-hidden by the sculpted juniper bushes growing
there. Many people pass by, and then someone sits on the edge of the
planter, and discovers the money. When the finder straightens the
bill, something is written on it…

It’s 7 degrees
(f) out this morning, but I’m cozy on my couch, thanking MLK Jr.
for the day off. Of course I still have plenty to do – namely all
of the bookkeeping for my book business that I’ve been putting off
for months now. Yes, folks, I suck at bookkeeping – not the actual
keeping of the books (thank you, Quickbooks), but just getting it
done. It’s one of the few areas I torture myself with on a regular
basis by putting it off until the job is so huge it takes far longer
than it should. If I do nothing else this year, I really need to take
a couple hours every month to get my books up to date so I don’t
face this oh-so-daunting task again. But first, I get to play catch

In other news, as you can see above I
have the cover art (very cool, isn’t it!) for Flash 52, the book of prompts I wrote to go with
this year-long challenge. Which means whenever I get the book
formatted, I can release it. I was going to do that over this long
weekend, but haven’t quite gotten to it, so next weekend is looking
better. Getting closer though!

Speaking of flash,
last week’s piece is posted at my alter-ego’s blog, due to the
somewhat graphic nature of it. You can swing by over there to check
it out if you’re interested. Looking at this week’s prompt, I
dare say this week’s story will be fine to post here again.

Tomorrow is my
birthday – I’ll be 37. I always take my birthday off from the day
job, so I’ll be sleeping in, reading an MS from a friend that I’ve
been waiting and waiting and waiting for, writing, and working
on cataloging my collections. It’s going to be a good day doing
things I love, and I can’t think of a better way to mark another

As you can see, I
haven’t done anything with the web site/blog…and I probably won’t
for awhile. They need a change, for sure, need a little sprucing up,
but it will wait.

That’s pretty
much all the news I have for this week (so far, anyway). Anything fun
going on in your world today?

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