Weekly News & Prompt – January 30, 2012

52 – Week 5 Prompt:
well-dressed man is walking down a quiet city street at night, past
the dimly-lit store windows with decadent displays. An object in one
of the windows catches his eye, and he stops to take a closer look.
It reminds him of something…

really hope last week was better for you than it was for us. It
wasn’t one thing, but many little things that interrupted the
normal flow and made it impossible to get back in our “groove”
until the weekend. Thankfully, Saturday & Sunday were far more
peaceful and productive.

of book stuff to talk about today, so here we go…

still don’t have the Flash 52 book formatted…and
it’s because I’m still waffling on how I want to lay it out, and
whether I want to add extras for writers wanting to use it as a
practice workbook or not. Honestly, I think I’m just in that “never
done it before” procrastination mode, and I need to shake out of it
and just get it done. With any luck (and a bit less cowardice), I’ll
have it up for sale by next weekend.

did get the Rattles anthology done and published – if you like
flash fiction, check out The Old Sofa at the BrazenSnake Books store – it’s .99 cents until the next anthology comes
out. It’s also currently available at Smashwords (link on the BSB
store), and it should be trickling onto Amazon and Barnes & Noble
sometime this week, and out to Sony, Diesel and the Apple ebook store
within a month or so. And of course if any of you writers out there
care to give the next flash prompt a go, check out the Rattles site
for a very oblong object to write about…

course, if you want to download The
Old Sofa
for free, you could join the Brazen Snake Monthly newsletter. I have it on good authority that this month’s
newsletter will include a free code for that particular book in

also been playing with some cover art design this week, as you can
see above – for my first flash collection. I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. Heart Knocks
will include two of the stories I’ve written recently, one I wrote
a couple of years ago, and one I wrote for the second Rattles
Anthology, At the Water’s Edge:

Lunch Thief

One More

Franklin Date


Each story
is between 800 and 1000 words, which is about 3-4 print pages a
piece, and the collection will be permanently priced at .99 cents (25
cents per story). Two of the stories are about love “knocking”
with two new opportunities, and two are about second chances after
some “hard knocks” in the relationship department. A good
selection for Valentine’s Day, if I do say so myself…

will be available later this week in ebook format – I
may eventually make it available in print, but not just yet. And if
you sign up for my newsletter, which isn’t even sent out
monthly (I’ve been a bit busy), but will be sent out in February,
you may just find a free code for this little collection there. Just

Finally, if
you’re a Trinity Marlow fan, the last novelette in last year’s
Working Stiffs series will be out by next weekend as
well, and shortly after that, a collection of all five stories.

So lots of
formatting/publishing going on in the next couple of weeks, and I
hope to be announcing a friend’s next publication in the very near
future as well.

pretty much what I’m up to this week – well, and writing more
scenes for my serial stories too. I should have a large lot of Smurfs
showing up sometime in the next couple of weeks, but I promise not to
let it distract me. Much.

Here’s hoping that where ever you are, you have a better week this
week than the last one. That’s really all we can hope for, right?

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One comment on “Weekly News & Prompt – January 30, 2012

  1. Carol

    I remember The Lunch Thief! Such a great story! 🙂

    You’re always so busy (and productive!).