Weekly News & Prompt – January 9, 2012

Flash 52 Prompt: A woman is tied to a tree in the woods, dressed in jeans, a tank and a flannel shirt, with heavy hiking boots on her feet, her wrists bound to the trunk behind her and a red handkerchief covering her eyes. She catches a whiff of a scent on the breeze…

It was a good week last week – very productive and pretty efficient as well. I did a lot of thinking and reworking my schedules, and (for one week at least) I found that balance I’ve been looking for in the past few months. I wrote, I worked out, I took care of my house, my body and my brain, and while I worked hard, I played just as hard. I felt better than I have in a long time, to be honest.

Naturally, when I feel better, I write better. Crazy how that works, isn’t it?

A pleasant side-effect of reorganizing my life, so to speak, is that I’m finding I may actually have time to enjoy a few hobbies, even with my day job and writing. It may take me awhile to incorporate them into my newly found freedom and of course it’s a trade off (ie, I need to get off the computer in order to give hobbies my attention), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Making the decision to write for the sake of writing, and not worry so much about sales gives me the freedom to be offline occasionally. I have yarn to crochet with, stamps to organize, and a new collection to…well, read on for more about that. Don’t be surprised if any of those make their way into my writing this year!

Did I mention I watched The Smurfs movie this weekend? I did – and I *loved* it. The Smurfs were one of my very favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, and it’s safe to say I’ve rediscovered my affinity for the little blue guys this weekend. I’ve decided to start collecting Smurf figures, and may have done a little online shopping this weekend to that end. I may even be planning a blog (that doesn’t surprise anyone, right?) to keep track of said collection for parents/family members who want to know what I have/want…

In any case, that’s what I was up to last week – starting to implement my new resolutions, with resounding success. This week, more of the same – plus a lot of writing, of course. If you missed it, last week’s flash fiction piece was posted yesterday, and this week’s will be posted next Sunday. If you’re a writer, don’t forget that submissions for Rattles Flash Fiction are due this Friday!

Oh, and if you want to work along with me as I go over my routines and some organizing projects this year, check out Routinely Yours – my organizing blog (posts on Mondays and Saturdays).

I’ll be revamping my sidebars, maybe even my blog design this week, so if you stop in and things seem kind of wiggy, have patience, please. Everything should be all shiny and updated by Friday.

Have a smurfy week – and happy reading!

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