Weekly News & Prompt – March 12, 2012

Week 10 Prompt: A man sits on the ground near a crumbling gravestone in an old cemetery. Holding up the half-empty bottle at his side, he toasts the grave, and then takes a long swig, swirling the remaining liquid as if mesmerized by the action. Behind him, a twig snaps…

By the time you read this, I’ll have
finished both the lovely bowl of Matcha I’m drinking, and the
episode of Scarecrow & Mrs. King we’re watching. I’ll
have read another chapter or two of Gideon’s Sword by
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and after too-little sleep, I’ll
have cursed both morning and daylight savings time when I had to get
up at what would normally be five instead of six. I’ll have done my
morning yoga routine, read today’s section of The Writer’s Workout, and somehow managed to haul my butt to work,
where I am probably trying to wrangle some annoying bit of web site
code into submission. Something that almost never works on a Monday,
but I get paid to try anyway.

A day in the life, eh? Might as well
keep going, I guess…

At noon, I’ll head home for lunch,
and read a little more of Monarch by Michelle Davidson Argyle
while I’m eating. I’ll reluctantly turn off my Kindle to go back
for more code wrangling in the afternoon, and at five thirty, I’ll
rejoice in the fact that the workday is over. I’ll go home, feed
the dogs, make dinner, relax and surf online for half an hour or so,
and then write for an hour. After that, a workout in the basement,
followed by kitchen chores and the dog’s final meal of the day
before I can settle in and watch the episode of Castle we
record during our workout times. I’ll simultaneously do some
editing or cover art or formatting, which will continue until I force
myself to go to bed – midnight (with more of Gideon’s Sword)
if I’m really good, one-thirty in the morning if I’m not.

Somewhere in all that evening stuff
I’ll take a few minutes to think about how I should hang out on
Twitter and/or Facebook a bit more, just to keep myself visible in
the social sphere because it’s good marketing. Whether I actually
do or not depends on how much interaction I was forced into at the
day job, and how crabby I am at the whole getting up an hour earlier
thing. I might even spend a few minutes feeling guilty about how I
need to update my publishing/writing web sites, or how I need to
finish getting the bookkeeping up to date.

Then I’ll remind myself that one of
my resolutions this year was not to feel guilty about stuff I don’t
get done, and I’ll move on. Probably check out the Smurf auctions
on ebay while I’m at it.

Yep. That’s what most of this
writer’s weekdays look like, in a nutshell. Glamorous, yes?

There are quite a few things I’m
determined to do this week…I’m not quite sure how yet, but I have
a book to publish, another to get started editing, and those web site
updates I really do want to get done. I also want to make it so
anyone who signs up for either of my newsletters gets a free ebook
for signing up…so hopefully I’ll get that put in place too. And
I’ve been slacking on the 1k words per day thing…so I’m holding
myself to that this week. And not just 1k words per day, but 1k
installments for my serials. Because if I don’t start writing
faster, I won’t make my publishing goals this year. And that’s
just unacceptable.

In any case, I hope you’re having a
decent enough Monday, whatever your mission. Carry on, and don’t
forget to make time for reading…

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One comment on “Weekly News & Prompt – March 12, 2012

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, you are so driven. I hope that today had gone well despite the h*ll known as daylight savings time. May work have gone well and life go smoothly. May crabbiness go the way of the Edsel and may you get your 1K words in with minimal anguish. Sending you positive Monday energy, Ardee-ann