Weekly News & Prompt, March 19, 2012

Week 10 Prompt: A man sits on the ground near a
crumbling gravestone in an old cemetery. Holding up the half-empty
bottle at his side, he toasts the grave, and then takes a long swig,
swirling the remaining liquid as if mesmerized by the action. Behind
him, a twig snaps…

you may have noticed, I didn’t get this week’s flash story done. Could I
have made time for it? Absolutely. I chose to do other things instead
(cleaning/reorganizing, mostly). The obsessive/compulsive part of my
nature has been in full-swing for the last week, which has made getting
anything done rather difficult (as it always does). I am nearly to the
spent point with it though, which is a relief. Hopefully I can move on
soon. It’s actually exhausting spending so much brainpower on one
subject for so long.

we’ll let last week’s prompt stand for this week, and move along. If I
happen to really get on the ball, maybe I’ll get two stories done this
week. You never know.

Let’s see…news. Oh! No Hazard Pay, a
collection of four suspense flash fiction stories by my alter-ego, Alex
Westhaven is finally out for sale. If you read flash fiction, and don’t
mind a murder & some strange happenings, go check it out at the BSB
store (links there to other places). Good stuff, if I do say so myself.

my next flash collection should be out by Friday, though I’m waffling
on the title (and thus the cover). Heart Wants is my current choice, but
it doesn’t flow as well as I’d like. So we’ll see. Hopefully when I go
back to give them one last polish something will jump out at me.

four more weekends until taxes are due, which means I really need to
kick my bookkeeping skills into gear. Especially since 1099’s are due by
April 2nd, and while I *hope* I don’t have to issue any, I can think of
one person I might need to do that for. Here’s hoping I’m under that
$600 threshold…but I won’t find out until I finish getting my expenses
recorded. So that really has to be top priority for this coming

been really working hard at doubling the length of the serial
posts…which will cut the amount of time it takes me to finish a draft
in half. It takes a little “brain training”, and that’s what I’ll
discuss on Wednesday’s Writer’s Notes post.

far as this week’s writing goes…I’ll be writing: a meeting with a
very bad guy in a barn, the fate of an FBI consultant suspected by a
killer of being a killer , the seduction of a woman who craves
boundaries, but doesn’t want to admit it, and a rock star doing his best
to help an author escape a plane so he can claim his “hero” moment. Fun
stuff, all around!

Here’s to another topsy-turvy week…

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