Weekly News & Prompt, March 26, 2012

Week 12 Prompt: A prisoner sits in a small cell, walls on three sides, bars on the
fourth. It’s cold and damp, but the surroundings are adequate. Heavy
footsteps on the concrete stop in front of the cell, and a guard appears
as the loud buzz that signals freedom sounds. The prisoner follows the
guard to an alcove, where one wrist is cuffed to a metal bar bolted to
the wall. The phone on the wall rings, and the prisoner answers, heart
racing at the sound of the voice on the other end…

won’t patronize you by wishing you a “happy” Monday…though I do hope
yours is off to a decent start. Last week was pretty much a bust – I
barely got my chapters done and decided to cancel the “challenge” part
of the Flash 52 project, simply because all the time I’ve spent being
distracted by health issues lately has gotten me way off track with a
lot of things, and I need to play catch-up in a serious way, especially
since taxes are due soon. So the next couple weekends will be eaten up
by paperwork and web site updates rather than writing, sadly.
another reason I’m canceling the challenge though, and that is flash
fiction just doesn’t sell well enough to spend so much time on it. I’d
rather spend more time on the stories I’ve got in progress than new
short stuff that isn’t selling. Yes, it’s great writing practice, and I
will still be writing flash as I have time for that reason. If sales
pick up on the flash side, I’ll make it a higher priority again.
was in a fair amount of pain all last week, and after extensive
searching/webmd diagnostics/confirmation with my mother this weekend
(who is not a doctor, but knows family medical history better than I
do), I’m fairly certain I’m dealing with a gallbladder/gallstone
attack(s). Because I’m stubborn, have little faith in modern medicine,
and am opposed to just ripping out my organs when they misbehave except
as a last resort, I’ve spent the weekend trying out alternative remedies
for dealing with this with decent success. By which I mean the pain is
manageable, and getting better. However, much like the dog-cancer thing,
very distracting. Hence many late serial chapters last week, and the
lack of Weds. post. With any luck, this week will be far less
distracting, and I can focus on fiction again.
those interested, I am starting a blog about my experiences with both
human and canine health management – the posts won’t be regularly
scheduled, and it may be months between updates, but it will serve as a
place to sort of collect all the information have gathered/am gathering
as I go along. I’ll post a link when there’s something there…at the
moment it’s just an empty template.
So what’s up this week? Serial chapters for The Minister’s Maid (Tues at the Fantasy Ranch blog), Animal (Weds at the thriller blog), Irish Cream (Thursday at the erotic romance blog), and Falling in Public
(Friday back here). Also on Wednesday, meet me back here for a
discussion on injured characters and how that affects plots both
positively and negatively from a writer’s perspective.

I think that’s it for now…carry on!

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One comment on “Weekly News & Prompt, March 26, 2012

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, so sorry you have been having health issues. If it is gall bladder I wish you well in finding alternative ways of dealing with it. Good luck in your quest.