Weekly News & Prompt, March 5, 2012

Week 10 Flash Prompt: A couple walk into a
jewelry shop. The man goes straight to the case with the most rings, but
the woman wanders away, apparently uninterested. A clerk offers to help
the man, and he chooses a ring, calling the woman back to his side. She
shakes her head…

Today’s post brought to you by…my lunch hour. Mainly because I was just too lazy to write it last night while I was watching Once Upon a Time.
Spreadsheets will do that to you (take away any shred of motivation, I
mean). And yesterday I spent the entirety of my afternoon pulling data
out of spreadsheets to enter into Quickbooks. You’re jealous, right? I
knew you would be…
Luckily, I have the perk
of being able to go home for lunch every day, which means my dogs get to
go out and I get a break from cubicle life. Breaks are important, for
both physical and mental health, hard as it is to get them sometimes.
wasn’t the only thing I did last weekend – I also created a cover for
my latest four suspense stories under my suspense pen name. They need a
little editing, and formatting, but I should have those out by the end
of the week. And yesterday’s flash story rounded out the fourth in
another collection, so I’ll be working on that cover later this week.
Those need a bit more editing too, but I’ll get to it. I’m not all that
fond of big revisions, but I don’t mind editing small things like flash
stories. Probably because it takes a lot less time.
week was…difficult, to say the least. Still, I managed to muddle
through, and this week is already off to a better start – but it does
look pretty busy. The day job is busy, and I have a lot of
writing/editing/business-y stuff to take care of in the evenings, plus
my workouts and incidental things like laundry and dinner. Crazy how it
all ads up, and unfortunately, it means I’m not able to be as social
online as I used to be (because there are only so many hours in the day,
and if I’m being social, I’m not doing what I need to get done – not
just writing-wise, but health-wise too). But I try to visit all of my
various social networks at least a few times during the evening, so
don’t be afraid to holler at me.I do bite sometimes, but I’ve got all my
I’ve been creating banners for the new
timeline layout of Facebook pages – I don’t like that layout for pages,
but there’s no point in whining about it, so I’ll be switching mine over
within the next couple of weeks. My main author page has already
switched, and so has the BSB page…but I still have the pen name pages
and my tea & nail pages to work on.
suppose that’s all the news that’s fit to type this week – I should have
a Writer’s Notes post up on Weds, and of course the serial stories will
go on as usual Tues – Fri at their respective blogs. I’m going to try
really hard to update my Goodreads bookshelves this week too – books sit
in my “Current Reads” file on my kindle until I get them starred and/or
reviewed on GR, and that file is up to something like 25 books at the
moment. So I’m a little behind…

Back to work I go. Here’s to a productive and sunny week!

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