Weekly Round-Up May 20 – 27, 2012

Posts I found particularly interesting/intriguing/entertaining this week:

The Most Important Part of Your Health from Positively Positive

What My Job Is… from Liana Brooks

The Intervention from A Modicum of Talent, Flashes of Brilliance

My own posts (non-fiction), for anyone who missed them and might want to go back: 

Writer’s Notes: In the Stocks (Variety Pages)
The Long Haul (Beyond the Words, carryover from last week)
State of the Snake May 2012 (Snake Bites)

I’ve started “rounding up” the free serial fiction of myself and other BSB authors over at the Snake Bites blog, so if you want to catch up on some free reading, head over there for a list of last week’s chapters/installments, as well as free flash fiction.

Free Online Reads May 20-25, 2012

That’s it for this week – happy reading!

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