Weekly Round-Up May 27 – June 2, 2012

Posts I found particularly interesting/intriguing/entertaining this week:

Tone from Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Failure from Michelle Davidson Argyle

The Possibility of Paperless from Be More With Less

My own posts (non-fiction), for anyone who missed them and might want to go back: 

Memorial Day 2012 (Nail Art Tuesday
Writer’s Notes: Short vs. Long (Variety Pages)
Review: Bolder Breakfast from The Tea Spot (Tea on Tap)
Writer at Play: A Rippling Fiber Tale (Variety Pages)

started “rounding up” the free serial fiction of myself and other BSB
authors over at the Snake Bites blog, so if you want to catch up on some
free reading, head over there for a list of last week’s
chapters/installments, as well as free flash fiction.

Free Online Reads May 26 – June 1, 2012

That’s it for this week – happy reading!

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3 comments on “Weekly Round-Up May 27 – June 2, 2012

  1. Jami Gold

    Thanks for the link, Jamie!

    Ooo, and I hadn’t seen Scarlett’s post about the whole FSoG debacle before. I’ve been fascinated lately by Jennifer Armintrout’s chapter-by-chapter recaps of the story. They’re by turns hysterical and disturbing (in a don’t-kid-yourself-ladies-this-is-abuse way). If you’re interested, Jennifer’s blog is at: http://jenniferarmintrout.blogspot.com/

    You have to go back to April in the archives to catch all the chapters (no, she doesn’t tag them), but they make for interesting reading and make me quadruply sure that I never have to read the actual books. I call that a win. 🙂

  2. Jamie DeBree

    You’re welcome, Jami – great post. 🙂

    Thanks for the link too…I’ll check it out, in the interest of getting all sides. I don’t suffer poor grammar well, so I wouldn’t read the books anyways, but I am concerned that it’s not a true representation of bdsm relationships (which you probably noticed in my comment on Scarlet’s blog).

    Thanks for stopping… 🙂

  3. Jami Gold

    Yes, my tolerance for poor writing is quite low–I’ll admit that. 🙂

    But like you said, from what I can tell, these books severely misrepresent BDSM relationships. Which 99.999% of the blog articles about it don’t mention. Jennifer is the only one seriously addressing the issue.

    Sure, there’s the contract aspect, which shows the open communication. However, at the same time, he doesn’t respect her limits.

    Jennifer goes into this in her blog posts, but basically Bella/Ana is portrayed as a child who knows nothing. His NDA prevents her from talking to anyone about it and getting information. She can’t even know or understand what she’s agreeing to.

    So here’s a virgin in every sense of the word being asked to be a 24×7 sub? Not just when they’re in scene. Not even just when they’re together. But 24×7.

    An inexperienced sub can’t do that. And he quickly learns that she’s not the natural submissive he assumed she was. And yet he pressures her into this relationship anyway.

    Then he spanks her out of straight up anger. That’s not a scene, that’s not play, that’s abuse. And she takes it that way–as a beating.

    Ugh. I could rant for days about it, but I’ll let you read Jennifer’s posts. 🙂