Weekly Wrap – December 21, 2012

You didn’t *really* think the world was going to end today, right? I
mean, even the small amount of Mayans still living today didn’t believe
that – it’s merely the end of one of their “eras” and the beginning of a
new one. Which is certainly noteworthy, but hardly worth getting all
shook up over. I can’t help but be a little disappointed that the
present day Mayans aren’t planning a human sacrifice to celebrate or
something…now *that* would be news…

In any case – this week wasn’t uber-productive, but rather more of a
steady work week (which is fine). Now that the great office clean-out
is done and the room is usable again, I’ve established writing hours
every night back there…and aside from a brief stint downloading
wallpaper themes last night, it’s working quite well. That computer does
have internet access, but it’s not customized and I never use it for
surfing or email, so the difficulty in doing so isn’t worth the time
when my laptop is all set up for everything else I might decide to do.
Instead, it’s easy enough just to plug my flash drive in and start

Incidentally, I’ve read blog upon blog by professional authors who
use a scaled down computer (many of them not even connected to the ‘net)
for writing, and a different one for surfing/business stuff. Good idea,
as it turns out.

In any case – my daily word count has nearly doubled, which is a very good thing. If I can just keep that up all next year…

For those following The Handyman’s Harem Girl, Chapter 23 is online (and steamy, so be careful!). Next week’s installment is already done as well, which is nice.

And I’ve changed the title of my former NaNo draft to Sleep With Me (for now), and posted a new installment of that this week as well:

For those following Jack, my horror short, the draft was
finished last week, but there’s a new installment on the blog today and
the last one will go up next Friday.

Finally, I started my next erotic romance draft – Chocolate Cream
this week. But you can’t see that one just yet. When I finish it, I may
serialize it on the Trinity blog while it’s being edited. We’ll see.

I also plotted out a sci-fi/fantasy series I’ve decided to try my
hand at next year…the interesting thing about that was/is
world-building…something I normally don’t worry too much about as my
books are generally set in the “real world”. This new series will be set
in a completely made-up world, with a societal structure that
is…quite different and intriguing, or at least I think so (which is
good). I’m looking forward to starting the draft of that project soon
after the new year starts.

As far as reading goes, I’m still working on that western romance – Superstitions by J Carson Black, and Split Second by Catherine Coulter (which is never going to end, ironically).

To wrap this whole thing up…this is the last weekly wrap for the
blog. I’ve decided to take next week off from blog posting (aside from a
quick Christmas post) so I can update all of my web sites for the new
year (including this blog). Posting will resume with the year in review
post on Monday, Dec. 31st, and a new blog schedule for 2013.

Have a great weekend, and if you’re so inclined, stop by Christmas Day for a special holiday treat!

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2 comments on “Weekly Wrap – December 21, 2012

  1. anne gallagher

    Happy Holidays, Jamie. I too, am in the middle of gathering my stuff to outfit another computer. Hopefully it will done by Jan 1.

  2. Jamie D.

    Thanks Anne – and happy holidays to you too! Good luck with the computer project – aye karumba, eh?

    Here’s to an awesome 2013!