Weekly Wrap-Up, December 7, 2012

Goodness it’s been a busy week! Or maybe it just seems that way
because I spent most of it in frantic-writer-deadline mode. That flash
story for the anthology I was going to do? Yeah, it turned into 4,000+
words, which took me a lot longer than expected. So between that and the
serial scenes, I didn’t manage to get any new words written on the NaNo
draft (hereafter referred to as “On Her Terms”, since it’s no longer
November). Dang it.

But there is a new chapter of The Handyman’s Harem Girl up at the Fantasy Ranch blog:

And a new chapter of Jack at the Alex Westhaven blog:

So all wasn’t completely lost. And I’m nearly finished with Jack too – though it will still be a couple of weeks out on the blog.

I actually haven’t read much this week, which is pretty odd for me. I’m
still working on Lori Gordon’s novella (and still enjoying it), but
that’s about it. I may have read a few more chapters on Catherine
Coulter’s Split Second too, but the book is just
so…disjointed. It’s hard to remember when I put it down, even though
the story lines are all interesting once I finally jog my memory again.
Really, there’s two really solid stories in there, and I wish they were
just two separate books, instead of all jumbled up together…

In any case, that’s what I’ve been up to this week as far as books
go. Productive, but in a more linear way than normal. It’s all good
though – progress is progress!

Here’s hoping for some good reading time this weekend…

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