Welcome Home, Murphy!



Murphy-dog is now in “da house”! And doing much better than I think any of us thought he would do right away…which is awesome.

Murphy has some quirks (and we knew that – we like quirky around here), and I was kind of concerned that just switching houses/families would set back some of the great progress his foster family made with him over the past year. He chews on his legs when he’s anxious – we’re not talking just basic licking, but rather tearing chunks of flesh out, even down to the bone sometimes. That sock on his leg? That’s to keep him from licking/chewing a fairly large open wound he gave himself the Saturday before my husband and I went to meet him.


Needless to say, he has to wear a cone on his head when no one’s home so he can’t self-mutilate when his anxiety is triggered, and we all (us and his foster family) figured that he’d need to wear it at night again with us because we don’t allow the dogs to sleep in our bedroom (and he was sleeping with his foster family). But he was so relaxed and comfy late Thursday night that my husband and I decided to try it without the cone, because we wanted to change his normal routine as *little as possible* to hopefully make the transition easier. I was pretty sure Murphy would be okay, but I went to bed after tucking him in knowing that I could wake up to a bloodbath in the morning. It was a calculated risk, but still a risk.

Happily enough, the only thing I woke up to was a low growl when poor Murphy didn’t know who I was in the dark. As soon as I told him good morning, he was his normal happy-go-lucky self (and super-excited about breakfast). His legging was still in place, no damage to either leg, and he even went back to bed after breakfast and didn’t have any chewing problems when I went downstairs to do my yoga, nor when I was in the shower. Whew!


No problems last night either, and after breakfast, we all went back to bed (normal for weekends), and he did just fine without chewing at all. He did pop a blood blister that I think was caused by the elastic on his legging, but that’s understandable – those things suck. I cleaned it up and found a legging long enough to cover it, and he’s been fine the rest of the morning.

His sock/legging wardrobe is bigger than mine. LOL His foster-grandma made a bunch of leggings especially for him, which is absolutely wonderful (and means I still don’t have to do laundry more than once a week – the leggings have to be changed several times a day). He even came with PJs she made him, though we keep our house so warm I doubt he’ll ever need them here. They’re still adorable, though. Snowsuit, maybe?

He’s settling in nicely to our routines, and Mica seems happy enough to have another dog around again, even if he does think Murphy is about the goofiest dog ever sometimes. It’s amusing to see Mica watching when Murph is rolling around on his back or flinging toys literally across the room and behind furniture. He grumbles a little when Murphy gets a little too energetic and bounces into Mica’s space, but nothing serious, and Murphy just ignores him. The dogs are still learning to communicate well, but they’re learning quickly and much more comfortable with each other than I thought they’d be this early.


We’re still sort of in the “honeymoon” period, so there may be a few things to work out later on, once Murphy knows he’s staying for good. But given how they’re interacting now, I’m confident there won’t be anything we can’t work through.

Overall, this has gone really well, and I’m so glad we could take Murphy in and give him a good home! He’s been through a lot, and now he can just relax and play and live the life of a spoiled house doggie.

Now, I just really need to get a bigger couch…

In any case, I’m going to start a new blog series on Fridays with updates from Mica & Murphy. Tune in for the next installment next Friday (no April fools – promise!)…


8 comments on “Welcome Home, Murphy!

  1. Carissa holliday

    Jamie he is so cute and looks like he likes the other dog I’m glad he had a good home I can’t wait until I meet him. He is so comfor

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Thanks cousin! 🙂

  2. Mj Burklund

    I yelled out loud when reading he had gotten adopted. Been sharing since the beginning. Thank you Thank you for taking in this baby!!

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Aw…it’s been my pleasure, truly. He’s a wonderful little dog, and such a love. 🙂

  3. Cathy Strever

    So happy Murphy has a wonderful family!!

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Thanks Cathy! We’ll do our very best for him. 🙂

  4. Knitski

    I have worried about Murphy over the last year and now nothing to worry about at all! Thank you so much for adopting him. I also have a long time RHS dog and have nothing but wonderful things to say about RHS and their foster homes! Looking forward to more Murphy stories! Thank you again!

    1. Jamie DeBree

      Aw, it’s our pleasure. Sandy and her foster team are just the best – they did all the work, and we get a great dog out of the deal. Win-win! I’m so glad we could help Murphy out and make some new friends at the same time. Murphy says “woof”! 😉