Wildcard: Love Pranks

Have you ever had a Valentine’s Day that sucked? I bet everyone’s had at least one. I hated the day when I was younger – it just seemed like so much fake hype to me. I’m still kind of ambivalent towards it – hubby and I use it as a good excuse for a nice dinner (in – because there are way too many people “out” on that day). I’m not a “flowers and candy” type person – it costs way too much money for flowers that are just going to die (and probably dry up in the vase while I ignore them for the next six months), and the only acceptable filling for a chocolate (must be dark) in my world is caramel. Not that I need the extra sugar or calories.

One of my worst Valentine experiences was when I worked as a lifeguard/swim instructor at our local YMCA. I was in college, and when I wasn’t working or at class, I was in the weight room, working out and ogling all the bright shiny male muscle pumping iron at the same time (okay, so really, it was the Y, and there wasn’t *that* much to look at). I was fit back then, skinny and muscular, and got my fair share of attention down there. At that point in time, there was a pair of older (to me, they were probably late 20’s/early 30’s) guys working out that I’d been flirting with just casually, and I was sort of in that starry-eyed “this-is-exciting-what’s-going-on” state that young women work themselves into (okay, maybe it was just me – but I doubt it).

Naturally I had my own college buddies, one in particular I hung out with a lot. And we giggled and wondered about the guys, their intentions, relationships – all that stuff that seems so sickeningly juvenile and embarrassing now, but seemed more important than anything else in the world back then.

So Valentine’s Day rolls around, and a heart-shaped pizza is delivered to me at work that evening, from “Bob and George”. I know you know what I assumed. And of course that freaked me out – I mean, I hadn’t *really* intended to go past harmless flirting with either of the gym rats. I was never one to date much (and by that, I mean hardly at all), so it was scary and uncomfortable but oddly flattering, if you know what I mean. So I did what any self-respecting young college girl with no real guy experience would do. I speculated with anyone who would listen…my co-workers (mostly high school kids I was supervising), and of course my college buddy.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but when all was said and done, college buddy finally ‘fessed up to sending the pizza. She assumed that I would remember the nicknames she and her other friend went by and know who sent it right away. I did not react well. In fact, I reacted rather badly, as I recall – mostly from the sheer embarrassment of telling everyone about those two guys, and setting a huge gossip train in motion. I don’t even remember if those guys ever found out…doesn’t matter anyway.

Anyway, she apologized, I got over it, and really, that’s the only truly bad Valentine’s Day I can remember (which is still better than losing a loved one on that particular day – I know two people who have had the misfortune of that happening).

Have you ever been the victim of a Valentine’s Day prank? Do tell…