Wildcard Topic: Contentment

Have you ever noticed how your attitude affects the opportunities that present themselves in life? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the more content I am with where I’m at in life, the more opportunities open up to me. To me, being “content” doesn’t always equal being “happy” – it just means that I’m not fighting my circumstances, but rather accepting them for what they are, and accepting that it’s where I need to be just then.

I think the reason is that when I become or decide to be content with my current circumstances (whatever they may be), I’m relaxed. I’m not trying to *make* things happen, I’m letting them happen, and I’m more confident, more sure of myself and my abilities. Because of that, I’m open to whatever presents itself, and willing to risk going after it.

I had to learn to be content with my singleness before I could become part of a couple. And I had to be content with the idea that I might never be traditionally published before I could really throw myself into writing. I had to take the *pressure* off before I could move forward (which is odd considering I thrive on deadlines, but I find I’m often a dichotomy).

I’m finding it hard to be content with where I am at this moment in my life. I’m very content (and incredibly happy) with my personal life – my husband, our lifestyle, my friends (online and off), etc. Unfortunately, making the decision to chase my writing dream hasn’t led to any contentment at work (it’s not the cause either – after ten years, the job can’t help but get a little stale). I can see this whole other career that I want so badly to immerse myself in completely…but not enough to throw away what I have now until the risk is minimized.

So I’m working on finding a way to be content with my current career. A negative attitude will only bleed over into the writing career I’m working to establish, and will eventually poison my endeavors there too. Conversely, if I maintain a positive, contented attitude in my current career, that will affect both my confidence overall, and my outlook on writing…it can only lead to good things, all the way around.

I realize this post has mostly just been a “pep talk” for me…but I’m sharing it anyway, egotistical as it sounds, in case anyone else out there needs the reminder too.

A positive attitude of contentment can only lead to good things.

A negative attitude only leads to more negativity.

Discontent can be motivating…but I find it’s the wrong sort of motivation for me, due to its inherent negativity. I’d rather be running toward something in excitement than away from something in fear, if that makes any sense.

Are you content with your life, this very minute? If you aren’t, do you struggle with it, or is it more of a motivating factor in your life?