Wildcard Topic: The Write Space

There are many posts out there on writing spaces, and I think I may have done one at the other blog too, but since I recently upgraded mine, I thought it might be fun to do another one. It’s a bit ironic that I pay so little attention to “setting” when I’m writing, and yet, I’m fascinated by settings in real life…

We have a home office. It’s alternate name might as well be “the spare room we throw stuff in – oh, and there’s a closet and a computer in there too”. The computer desk is really just a stand, and the only time the desktop computer gets used is when my husband is playing Risk, or we’re doing taxes. The Turbo Tax CD from last year was conveniently still in the drive when hubby went to load this year’s version, and if my netbook had a CD drive, we probably wouldn’t even use it for that anymore.

Needless to say, I don’t like to write in there. It’s messy (yes, I know it’s my fault. Shh!), the chair isn’t comfortable, but mostly there’s no husband and no TV back there in the evenings, which is when I have time to write with the day job. I think if I were at home during the day, writing in the afternoons while hubby was working, I’d probably fix that room up, clean, and get a better desk. I think for morning blogging/web surfing and afternoon writing, it would be absolutely perfect. But after work, I want to spend time with the hubby, watch my favorite TV shows, and not be off by myself. If I were home all day, I’d need a space that felt like a “work space” – but since I spend all day at a desk, the last place I want to be at night is in front of another one.

Instead, I write in the living room with my netbook on my lap. Until a few weeks ago, I was writing in a big armchair with broken down springs and a two by four that pressed into the small of my back. My ottoman was an old shag-carpet covered cable reel from the 70’s that made my heels hurt and my feet itch like crazy after a few hours. Hubby and I decided it was time to go furniture shopping.

My “updated” writing spot is pictured above (complete with Gabriel’s back). I found that cushy ottoman at a used furniture store for $80…and I can’t even tell you how much I love it. It’s big, it’s soft, my feet don’t get sore propped up on it, and one of the dogs even occasionally curls up on it. Then we picked out the new loveseat, and after nearly two impatient weeks of waiting, it finally came in. It’s big. It’s soft. It doesn’t hurt my back. And rather than having a dog *in* my lap after dinner,  there’s room for one to lay beside me as I surf or type (they take turns). We like it so much that we’re planning to get another one to replace two other chairs in the living room.

In any case, that’s where I do the majority of my writing – cuddled up under my afghan when it’s chilly. I often think it would be fun to write out back on the patio in the summer, in a park, or maybe in a medieval castle somewhere in Scotland or England. I wonder if it would be inspiring or just distracting to write in an exotic local, like a sheik’s estate or an old dirt cellar. I’d be willing to give it a go, you know, for research purposes…

Where do you write? How would you design the perfect writing space? Do you ever dream of having a writing session in some exotic local?

7 comments on “Wildcard Topic: The Write Space

  1. Dolly

    I will leave the old dirt cellar to you, but I am up for Sheikh’s estate 🙂

    Love the post. I like reading about people’s writing spaces. I do have a desk but I only use desktop to play Sims or for occasional editing or writing when I need a little change. But my sofa is far too comfy so I am on there.

  2. Carol

    I love your love seat and ottoman – it looks so cosy!

    As you know, I have a fully functional home office which is perfect for writing during the day (when I used to have the time). But like you, I prefer the living room for writing during the evening.

    Of course I dream about writing in an exotic locale! But until I win the lottery, the deck or patio will have to do. 🙂

  3. Natalie

    Your writing spot looks comfy. I write in the messy office. 🙂 Someday I’ll get a laptop and write outside or in a nice chair in the family room.

  4. Karen Strong

    Jamie that chair looks sooo comfortable.

    I have a “home office” too but like you said it’s not very comfortable in there. I do plan to upgrade it so that this room isn’t a waste.

    Right now I have an mostly empty house since I gave my old furniture to a women’s shelter so currently I’m writing in my bed. And you know what? I kind of like it. Ha.

    But my ultimate dream would be to write in a loft with a window facing a downtown skyline. That’s always been a dream for me.

  5. Erica

    So funny! I have the same writing space, and our “office” is also where we store things, and the computer in there is broken, but before it was used for taxes etc. LOL Sounds just like me. Love the chair!!

  6. Medeia Sharif

    That looks so cozy. If I’m on the computer, I write at my desk, and hours later I have a sore back. I’d like a laptop so that I can work in my comfy chair.

  7. Samantha Hunter

    Oh, I love the ottoman and love seat! Good for you on the upgrade. 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to be in with everyone. I had a sewing room upstairs and never got any time to sew because when I had time, I didn’t want to be upstairs by myself. 🙂 So it’s all down here now, and we’re doing a room re-org to make things fit better. It also allows me to have the dining room table for sewing space.

    I write on the couch (reclining sofa) in the family room where I usually have cat on one side, and both dogs at my feet on their beds. It’s our “bright” room — orange walls, eight windows and lots of light, looks over the yard. So it’s a cheerful place to be, and hubby’s office is just down the hall so we can shout back and forth all day if we need to, LOL.

    One thing I would like is a covered patio out in the yard for summer, or, a four-season, glassed/screened in room with a fireplace in the center, so we could be as if out in the yard at any time, but be comfy and I could sit and write there. It’s doable, someday, maybe. 🙂