Winter, Distractions & Dreaming Big…

Welcome back to winter! Yes, I’m being totally sarcastic. And I *like*
winter…but it’s April. Yesterday’s snow storm just didn’t really do it
for me, unfortunately. Having to wear sweaters & turtlenecks to
work last week? Yeah, I’m over that. The thing about not liking to shop
is, I don’t actually have that many clothes. I’m not one of those women
who has to swap seasonal styles in and out of the closet – it all fits
with no problem. But I do get tired of wearing the same clothes to work
after 6-8 months or so, and I’ve been looking forward to short sleeves
& lighter materials. 

The weatherman says we might hit 60 degrees eventually this week. All I’m saying is…he’d better be right! 
week wasn’t a terribly productive one for me, writing wise. And it
wasn’t because of anything going on in world news, I just had a really
busy week at the day job, and a rather distracted one at home. That’s
why Sleep With Me still isn’t in print, and why I didn’t get
nearly as much writing done as I wanted to. But I did get some done, and
it felt good. Great, actually. So I’m looking forward to this week, and
hoping the stars and my willpower will align just right to get a lot of
writing done. 
Part of my problem (a big part,
actually) is that I got out of my daily writing habit and haven’t found
my way back in. A few weeks ago I had a lot of changes going on all at
once, and I don’t really deal well with change – it throws me off
kilter. It’s hard to get back in a routine once you’ve let it go, and I
just need to be firm with myself and get back into that groove. 
of the things I do when I start getting that “out-of-control” feeling
is…organize things. I’m a control freak, and “organizing my world”
makes me feel more in control – it calms me when life starts feeling
chaotic. So my biggest distraction last week was organizing stuff. My
to-do list, day job stuff, our menus, my kitchen, my budgeting/bill
paying…you get the idea. I’m still kind of in “organize the chaos”
mode, but it’s starting to normalize, so I have high hopes for the
return of normalcy soon. Or what passes for normalcy around here,
I keep thinking I should harness all
this organizational energy and share my processes with the world. They
won’t help everyone, of course, since we all think differently, but
maybe there are people out there who would find my insights on
organizing and routines helpful. I haven’t been organized enough
(ironic, eh?) to get it off the ground, but it’s still niggling in my
head, and I did some planning this weekend that I hope to flesh out a
bit more this coming week. 
Speaking of plans…here’s my list of to-do’s this week: 
– 5 scenes for drafts in progress
– Print formatting/upload for SWM
– Finish read-through of horror novella
– Submit SWM to a few review sites & start a GR contest for print copies
– Start organizing my inbox(es)
– Workout x3
– Clean up the back fence line…we’re finally getting a new fence (two weeks)
– Daily eye gel (another habit I let slide, to my detriment)
That’s plenty, I think…anything else I happen to get done will be a bonus. 
to spring, whenever it finally decides to show up, and to organizing
chaos, the ultimate “feel-good” fallacy. Have a great week! 

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One comment on “Winter, Distractions & Dreaming Big…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, as wish you well as you move back into your daily writing routine and get your groove going. I hope things warm up for you and that you have a great week. Hugs, Ardee-ann