When I got the nifty little writing machine I’m typing this on now (The Freewrite Traveler, which I mentioned a couple weeks ago), it was right before NaNoWriMo. I haven’t won NaNo in years, and only jump in occasionally now, but I thought, ” What the heck? Jump in. See what happens.”

Well. What’s happened so far is a whole lot of not much. I barely have 2k words so far, and I’m struggling to even write 500 words in a session, much less 1667 in a day (The amount normally needed to “win” at 50k words for the month). I haven’t made the time or found the headspace to be disciplined about it at all.

But, it’s okay. This morning during my normal writing time, I opened up the story, took a look at where I was, and decided I needed to know a couple of key things before I moved forward again. I often start writing with just a character and a scene, and “learn” what happens as I write. This time, I started the story with a girl – Lexi – in serious distress, and I really wanted to know what might have caused it, and what, ultimately, she was looking for. I don’t need to know the details just yet, but I needed to know the base motivations so I could make some sort of sense out of what was happening.

So I spent my writing time this morning (and part of my shower time, because the best place to think is often in the shower) working all that out. And now I know what she was doing before, what happened to send her into the spiral where I first met her, and what she’s ultimately looking for in life.

I feel good about this. I still have no idea where the story is headed, really, but I know Lexi well enough that she’ll tell me the rest of the story if I keep writing, and it’s probably going to be kind of a wild ride.

The most important thing is, now I’m hooked. I want to know what happens next, and the only way for me to find out is to write it. To give Lexi a voice. Am I up to the task? There’s only one way to find out.

I think maybe it’s time for the return of Fiction Fridays, considering I haven’t published anything in…well, a long while. Interested? Come back Friday. We’ll both see what happens.

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