Writer’s Notes: After the Wedding

If you read here regularly, you probably know I’ve been mainlining old episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. When only the first season was available online, I went ahead and *bought* the entire series on DVD. I go on these binges, you see…normally, it’s a week’s worth of non-stop Harlequin Blaze books, back to back until I just can’t read anymore (considering I read at a fairly quick pace, I can read a lot of those in a week when I’m on a bender). Less often it’s erotica (or subsets of the genre), but I burn out on those within a couple of days. 

I’ve no idea why it had to be Dr. Quinn this time…except I was craving romance, and doing my nails, and decided to load up the pilot “for old time’s sake” one Saturday night. I’m not going to tell you how many weeks it’s been…I’ve been trying to overdose myself so I can move on, but sometimes you just have to go with it until it burns out, you know? 
Anyways…I realized something fairly early on – I never actually watched all six seasons of the show back when it was popular. As a matter of fact, I stopped fairly soon after the wedding episode. This was a “thing” with me in my younger years – I figured after the two main characters got married, the story was over. Nothing else to see here, move along to the next romance. Because what could possibly be romantic about being married? 
*Ahem* Yeah, I know. Needless to say, I hadn’t gotten married yet.  
In any case, now that I’ve been married for quite a few years, I have a slightly different outlook on married life, and romance in general. And now that I’ve watched past the point of the wedding in Dr. Quinn and I’m watching episodes I missed out on before due to my general naivete, I’m wondering why there aren’t more romance novels that deal with what happens *after* the happily ever after. 
Heck, for that matter, I’m wondering just why TV writers in general can’t keep a storyline going after main characters decide they like each other on a weekly show. I mean, relationships are so layered, so complex, and yet so simple at their very core…there’s plenty of area to explore and delve into from that first look all the way through the various stages that follow. Why doesn’t romance encompass more of what it means to be in love long-term? 
I know for me, the romance didn’t end when I got married – in fact, it’s as strong now, if not stronger, than it ever was. Maybe that’s not true for all couples, but in fiction, we can make it so. So why don’t we? 
Why don’t I? 
Needless to say, I have some new ideas percolating…

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One comment on “Writer’s Notes: After the Wedding

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Ah romance, it is so misunderstood. You are right it is not just the first fiery flame. It is the long term love and caring for each other. I can’t wait to find out about the ideas percolating in your head!

    Love the wedding picture. You all look very happy. Great shot!