Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 2

Reference: Chapter 2 of Fit to be Chai-ed

Writing is a weird thing sometimes. There I was, writing this
second scene for FTBC, and I suddenly realized that the plot as I’d
originally envisioned was just not going to work. My intrepid detective
might be somewhat of a rebel, and his lines of right and wrong are a bit
blurry considering he mainly works undercover (which necessitates that
kind of perspective to be good at it, IMO), but he still would never
intentionally put a civilian in harm’s way. Because dang it, he’s just
not that kind of guy (not that I don’t think those guys are out there,
but Erik isn’t one of them).

in order to ask Anna to do what he’s asking, he has to truly believe
that there isn’t any real threat to her life, and that she’s just going
to do him a quick favor before they go their separate ways.

I’d envisioned him actually recruiting her to catch what he believes to
be the real killer. And if he were any other character, that might have
been semi-plausible, though it would have had to happen with a lot less
forethought than the plot as I have it now. But that’s not how Erik
works, and I’m glad, because it gives me the opportunity to heighten the
personal tension between them a bit before we jump into the suspense.
I’ve been experimenting a lot with this style, and I think I like it.
We’ll have to see how it all shakes out in the end – that’s the ultimate

Next week I’m jumping back
to Anna’s perspective, and it should be interesting to see how she deals
with Erik’s latest proposition. Anything she wants? From a good looking
undercover cop who’s rough around the edges and needs something from

Um…yeah. This could be a lot of fun…if she has the guts to follow through…

Then again, if he has to prod her a bit more (no pun intended), that could be fun too…

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