Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 5

Huh. I should have seen that coming, I guess, considering my
characters all seem to be intent on getting in worse hot water than I’d
originally planned lately, but hey, surprise is what makes writing fun.
Anna has just gone and gotten herself into a *heap* of trouble that was
supposed to happen under the watchful eye of a certain detective, and
now I’m not really sure how said detective is going to rescue a heroine
when he has no idea where she is, or where she was going or what
happened or…anything, really.

Geez, Anna. Way to make him work for it, eh? 

And what the heck happened to my villain, anyways? It was
*supposed* to be Will, dang it…but now it’s this other guy, who I know
nothing about (aside from what Erik told us), and it doesn’t make any
sense for him to work out of a kiosk, when an actual storefront would be
far more convenient for what he’s got in mind. Or what I think he has
in mind.

I guess we’ll see what happens next week…

Good grief. My characters are just running all amuck lately…

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