Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 9

So…here’s a pickle, eh? Anna’s pretty much screwed unless Erik gets to
her ASAP. Although I suppose she could save herself, but she is an
accountant. I have nothing against accountants – they’re smart people,
but they tend not to be terribly creative when it comes to high-pressure
situations (yes, I do know several). And poor Anna’s been through the
ringer, quite literally! I mean, a girl can’t be expected to save
herself after being stuffed in a barrel, falling off a truck, rolling
down the street and crashing into a tree hard enough to break the
barrel, right? 

That’s asking just a little too much. She’s not superwoman. 
there’s a hunky detective on his way who’s feeling rather guilty and
protective at the moment. Ladies, we need to let men have the spotlight
occasionally, don’t you think? 
He’d better
frickin’ hurry though. Or someone else will have to save Anna. Or she’ll
save herself. In which case, I doubt she’ll be much fun at that dinner
he’s supposed to attend with her. 
Well, if she recovers enough to go, anyways. 
Dang it – did I just completely screw up my ending with that barrel thing? 

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