Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chai-ed Introduction

I’ve been wanting to do a tea-themed series or story for years now,
so it was really fun to actually start one this week. And yes, I know
that the hero’s a biker-looking dude (Wait, you didn’t know that. Well,
you do now.), and that I’m in danger of committing a cliche. Dang it, I
*like* bikers. They’re hot. And generally pretty nice guys, too – or at
least the ones I’ve met have been. Including the one who asked me for
parking meter change the other day. He may or may not have been partly
to blame for Erik’s undercover persona…but a good author never tells.
And I did say biker “looking” dude…


So…Anna is an accountant who likes to stop in at The Trusty Mug
and get her cuppa and a little mild flirtation with the college-age kid
behind the counter on her way to work. Recently, a biker has been
stopping at the shop the same time she does, and she’s sure it’s just
paranoia, but he always seems to be going her way lately. You can
imagine her unease when she nearly runs into him on her way out one
day…and the difference between Will behind the counter and Erik is
like a puppy vs. a wolf.

Maybe that’s cliche too, but I’m running with it, because it amuses
me. So did her reaction to Erik. I do love screwing with my characters
(Oh stop. You know what I mean…).

In any case, this is gonna be fun. I know basically *what* is going
to happen, and to who, and by who, but I have no idea how any of them
will react to those things, and I’m *dying* to find out. A feeling I
should enjoy now, because in a few weeks I’ll probably be ripping my
hair out over the whole thing. Nature of the writing beast, and all.

Anyways, I hope you’ll join me Friday for the first chapter, right here on the blog. Virtual Chai for everyone!

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