Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chaied, Ch. 6

Someone is seriously going to have to help me with this title. I
can’t decide whether “Chaied” (which isn’t a word, except it is now,
because I’m using it) should be hyphenated at the end, or all together
like a proper verb (?).

Chai-ed or Chaied, people?! It’s driving me nuts!

Aside from that little detail…

Apparently Will has decided to bow out of the serial killer role.
Dude. He was supposed to be *it*! I even created a lovely little coffee
shop with a cute name (The Trusty Mug – hello!), and a back room and
basement large enough for him to do what he needed to do without any

And he decides to chuck it all for a quick bout of kinky bondage on
the back table, while Anna gets kidnapped by some guy I don’t know who
works in a kiosk.

A *kiosk*, for crying out loud.

I swear, I’m going to stop picking my villains ahead of time. They
never frickin’ cooperate, and then I’m left with a bigger mess than I


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2 comments on “Writer’s Notes: Fit to be Chaied, Ch. 6

  1. Carol

    I don’t know which is more grammatically correct, but chai-ed just looks better than chaied. IMHO

  2. Jamie D.

    See, I was thinking exactly the opposite. The hyphen was driving me nuts. LOL

    I still can’t decide… *sigh*