Writer’s Notes: FTBC, Ch. 11

Forgive me, I’m lazy…hence the abbreviation for our story’s
title. A title that is going to change, because I simply can’t come to
terms with the whole “chaied/chai-ed” debacle. I’m not sure what just
yet, but I’m thinking (and open to suggestions, of course). 

I’m not sure whether you noticed or not, but something’s wrong with
that last scene. I’m not sure what, exactly, but I’ll look at it again
come revision time, and if I can’t find it, I’m sure my editor will.
Still, I like the whole end there with Anna stuck on the windowsill,
barefoot and barely clothed while Erik has to face down his enemy. It’s
an old, standard trope, but common because of the classic “man
protecting his woman” thing that we (or at least I), get some measure of
comfort from.

I have to tell you though, this isn’t going to end like you’re
thinking it will. Although I guess I don’t know what you’re thinking,
but there’s still a bit of a twist left to the story that will be
revealed next week, unless the characters really deviate from their
personalities (in which case I’ll be very surprised). To be fair, one of
them really doesn’t *know* what’s going to happen yet, but it will. I
can see it coming…

A quick note on the “tea” series as a whole…I’m thinking this is
going to stretch out over the next year. And after this little Chai
suspense is done, the next one won’t start until December. Sorry if that
disappoints anyone, but I have a book that is begging me to write it
(okay, I have a first line that’s begging me to see what/who the heck is
behind it). And considering next month is November, and there’s a
little writing frenzy called NaNoWriMo going on that I missed last year…

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2 comments on “Writer’s Notes: FTBC, Ch. 11

  1. Carol

    Seriously? You’re thinking of doing NaNo this year???? That would be totally awesome!!!!!

    Think I used enough punctuation marks? LOL

  2. Jamie DeBree

    I’ve impulsively ordered t-shirts, so there’s no going back now.

    Dude, what the heck did I just do?

    Maybe I should write it live in Google docs, like that one author is doing with her novel. I can’t think of much that would be more boring than watching me write in “real time”, but what the heck, right?