Writer’s Notes: Meeting the Players – The Handyman’s Harem Girl

The Handyman’s Harem Girl is the newest draft in the Fantasy Ranch series, started just last week. I have an idea in my
head of where I want it to go, and how I want the characters to grow
throughout the course of the plot (which is way, way more than I
normally know going into a draft). Normally when I sit down with my
characters for the first time, we’re just getting to know each other,
and the quickest way for me to learn who they are is to throw them into a
pot of boiling conflict and watch how they react to it. My preference
for conflict in romantic suspense is to start with the main suspense
plot, and then weave the romance into that as it unravels.
and Chance have decided to do things differently this time, hopefully
not to the dismay of my readers. My idea was to throw my antagonist
right into the game from the start…and she’s there, but she’s being
annoyingly cooperative at this point and staying out of the way for the
time being. Which makes me wonder if she’s even *really* the antagonist,
or if she’s going to be more of a sub-plot. We’ll see, I guess. Not
planning out my stories before I write means that I experience it just
as my readers do, every page is pretty much a surprise to me. That’s
what motivates me to keep writing.
In any case, Veronica is both brazen and cautious, just as I knew she would be from her brief appearance in The Minister’s Maid. She’s also far more susceptible to Chance than I thought she would be, which could prove…interesting.
that’s mostly Chance’s fault. Instead of the shy, polite guy I
*thought* he was when Veronica was eying him in the last book, it turns
out he’s not shy at all, and is actually quite the playboy. I thought he
was avoiding Veronica (and all women), but it turns out she’s been
giving *him* the cold shoulder. Dang it. That’s going to definitely
change the way my relatively loose idea of a plot will develop in this
story – both the suspense side *and* the romance side. It’s going to
make for some very interesting situations and arguments. I can see it
Leave it to a guy to make everything more complicated…
because of this sudden change in character, and the unexpectedly shy
nature of my antagonist, the beginning conflict is more on the romantic
end of the scale. Veronica is doing her job and Chance is being a dog
and making her uncomfortable. In a good way. Sort of. The antagonist
who’s supposed to be plunging both of them into the first stages of
danger is being coy (and annoying me, but no one else, apparently).
got two more scenes to either get in gear, or step aside and let
someone else do it. I simply won’t stand for a lack of suspense in the
first chapter of a romantic suspense book, dang it.
I have a vision of a barbie doll head hanging by it’s long, blond hair
in gray locker…hair that looks very much like Veronica’s, actually.

Heck, maybe there’s hope for this story yet.

Read the serial draft of The Handyman’s Harem Girl here.  New chapters posted weekly.

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2 comments on “Writer’s Notes: Meeting the Players – The Handyman’s Harem Girl

  1. Carol

    Muwahahahaha! The characters are getting back at you for how mean you usually are to them. 🙂

  2. Jamie D.

    Preemptive strike, eh? Hmm…probably a good idea on their part. LOL