Writer’s Notes: Priorities & Talent

When was the last time you knew you’d be good at something before
you actually jumped in and started doing it? I bet most of us don’t feel
that way all to often – and I know for me, the things I *think* I’ll be
good at always seem to end up being harder than I thought they would,
whether or not I’m competent at them or not.

fact remains though, that the only way to truly find out whether you’ll
be good at something or not is just to do it, whatever it is. Some
things will be harder than others, and we either enjoy it well enough to
stick with it and keep trying until we gain a satisfactory level of
knowledge, or we decide it’s not really our cup of tea (so to speak) and
either drop it all together, or put it aside for the oh-so-ambiguous

Sometimes though, the
hard part is knowing when to let something go. Maybe because we *want*
to get better, and want to give it more time, but just can’t at that
point in our lives. Or maybe because we don’t want to admit that it
really isn’t our “thing”…and that the work we’re putting in isn’t
going anywhere. Or maybe we have more *natural* talent in another area,
and fostering that would be more lucrative and (more importantly)

I’m sort of in a
“re-prioritizing” phase at the moment (you may have noticed), so I’ve
been thinking about where my talent(s) lie (lay? Carol? Anyone?) with
regard to writing. The only real gauge I have of “talent” with regards
to writing is sales – and my sales tell me I’m more talented in some
areas than others, according to readers/buyers. This will definitely
factor into the types of projects I spend the most time on for the rest
of the year – and it’s also given me some ideas for new projects going
forward. So it’s kind of a bad news/good news sort of thing. Gotta love
that karmic balance. 
Do you know where your
talents (in any area) lie (lay, whatever LOL)? If you’ve got a minute,
tell me what one thing you know you don’t have a “natural” talent
for…and then one that you do.

Just to step
outside the writing bubble, I have a natural talent for crochet. I have
no talent whatsoever when it comes to scrapbooking (yes, I learned by trying).

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