Writer’s Notes: Reading in April…

I really need to update my Goodreads shelves soon…it’s been
months, and in that time the books I’ve read that are waiting to be
cataloged/starred/reviewed there have been piling up (virtually in most
cases, thank goodness). In any case, I thought today instead of talking
about my own books, I’d mention a few I’ve read or that are next up on
the “to be read” list, in case you’re interested in looking them up.
Links to back to the author’s site in most
cases (the Goodreads page when author site is not available), so that
you’ll be able to grab whichever version works best for you, should you
decide you want to read it.
Current Fiction:

picked this up for free on Amazon (publisher special I think), and in
reading the introduction (am I the only one who actually does that?), I
found out that it’s the 10th anniversary edition, and has been e

to include more than the original. I have a trade paperback copy given
to me by my mother (who thought it was a weird book – read it for book
club), but I hate reading trade paper, and even moreso when it’s several
inches thick (can you say sore wrists?)…hence my picking up the free
copy for my Kindle when I had the chance.

any case, so far, I’m intrigued, though it was a bit jarring jumping
from past tense to present for a rogue disturbing scene having nothing
to do with the main storyline (yet) just yesterday. I’ll admit I’m sort
of wondering where we’re going (or if we’re actually going anywhere),
but for the moment, I’m content to trust that Gaiman has a point. His
style is easy to read and well-paced, which helps a lot.

The New Death and Others by James Hutchings
is a collection of short stories & poems that was sent to me free
for review, so I’ll be posting one on GR as soon as I finish it. I
anticipate it will make good lunch hour reading…I’m starting it today.
TBR Fiction (the entire list is too long, but these are what I plan to read once the above are finished):
The Dark Path by Luke Romyn
Attic Toys (horror short story collection from Evil Jester Press)
Cancelled by Elizabeth Ann West (love story from a male POV)
Current Non-Fiction:

The Writer’s Workout by Christina Katz
go in spurts with this book…I’ll read a bunch at a time, and then put
it aside for awhile, then pick it back up again. Lots of good, solid
advice and suggestions, more for career building than anything else. I’m
enjoying it though.

interesting stuff here…I’m learning a lot, and it’s all very logical,
with scientific research well-documented. At the same time, it doesn’t
claim that coconut oil is a “cure-all”, but rather that it’s a super
food that will help us stay healthy along with other good lifestyle
choices. Good stuff.
TBR Non-Fiction:
The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Demian Dressler and Susan Ettinger
should note that the “to be read” books are books I plan to read the
samples for first, and then if they grab me, I’ll buy the book and
finish it. So those are not set in stone, by any means.

that’s a peek into my reading world…hopefully I’ll get Goodreads
updated soon. It’s your turn – what are you reading? And what’s up next?

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