Writer’s Notes: The Cycle Continues…

It’s no secret that I work on several writing projects at once. I
like it that way – “variety” is my tag for pretty much everything in
life. The thing is, when you start several projects around the same
time, they have a way of wrapping up at pretty much the same time
too…which kind of creates a bottleneck as far as editing and
publishing goes. And because I’m a pantser, the stories end when they
end, I don’t really have any idea when that will be. I just write until
they’re done.
Which, if you think about it,
makes it sort of strange that they all start wrapping up at the same
time, even with different word counts. Weird. Talk to my subconscious.
She’s in charge of storytelling…I just type.
to say, about every 4-6 months, I hit the point I’m at now, which is
lots of stories finishing up and ready to be edited and published. This
year I decided to clean up one of my older drafts and publish it too –
no reason not to pile on the work, right? It’s a good story though, and
I’m glad I decided to pull it back out. I hope you will be too.
I can only hope that as I get better at this whole
writing/drafting thing, I’ll get better at predicting how long a story
will take to finish in draft form. That would help a lot as far as
staggering releases goes. It’s either that, or working on just one
project at a time…but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
In any case…this Friday will be a fun day – release day for both Indelibly Inked (romantic suspense novella) and Irish Cream (erotic romance novelette under my pen name, Trinity Marlow). I’m fairly certain I’ll have the draft of The Minister’s Maid finished by then too, and off to the editor. Falling in Public
(which will get a new title/cover in July) will be done in the next
couple of weeks as well, and while I’ve taken a break from Animal
(thriller novella), I plan to finish that up in July too.
As for what’s up next…here’s the line-up of new serial drafts, starting in a couple weeks:
Fantasy Ranch Series: The Handyman’s Harem Girl (Veronica & Chance, for those reading along with The Minister’s Maid)
Variety Pages Serial: The BeauTeaful Summer series begins…short (novelettes?), tea-themed stories, the first of which will be Jasmine Betrayal
Erotic Romance (will start after IC is finished): The Creme du Jour series continues with Whipped Cream (Celia’s story, for those reading along with Irish Cream)
Thriller/Suspense (will start after Animal is finished): The Death by Veggies short story series begins with Lettuce Pray (should be fun…and potentially cheesy…)
few weeks ago, I decided to cut back on my writing projects after the
current ones ended…but it seems I really just can’t make myself do it. So…I’ll make it
work. Because I want to.
Seriously…I get happy goosebumps just thinking about starting all those new stories.

And so it goes…

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One comment on “Writer’s Notes: The Cycle Continues…

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    Jamie, I am so glad that you have all these stories wrapping up and getting ready to be published. I got lost in the process of keeping up with the stories (I don’t know how you do it!) and real life interfered in a most annoying way. So when publication happens I will be able to get caught up on my Jamie DeBree stories and hopefully not get lost while trying to read your new stories. It will be a challenge. Best of luck to you with all you have going on! Hugs, Ardee-ann