Writing Notes: Plots from Titles (& a peek at my 2012 schedule)

Last week I was sitting at the bar,
watching my hubby play pool (billiards, if you prefer) with his team.
This happens pretty much every Weds night (in fact, I’ll be there
tonight too), so you can imagine I occasionally run into a story idea
or two. How could I not with all those people around?

In any case, across the room, one of
the other teams was discussing vegetables. Lettuce, to be exact. In
all fairness, I have no idea what they were saying about lettuce, but
it was amusing my husband.

Which made me wonder, of course – how
would you kill someone with lettuce? Or any vegetable, for that

A writer’s mind is a dangerous place,
I tell ya.

In any case, I’ll spare you the whole
sordid thought process (and save some plot secrets for myself), but
long-story-short, I decided to write a set of short stories
collectively called “Death by Vegetable” under my Westhaven pen
name next year. Naturally, since I was on a role, I started thinking
about titles for the stories.

By the end of the night, I had a set of
five stories titled and tentatively plotted for the veggie
collection. And then I had the brilliant idea to give the whole of
2012 a food theme, and brainstormed two more collections of five
stories each – one for my Marlow name, and the other for the “main”
me. Although to be completely honest, the title for my romantic
suspense collection was brainstormed awhile ago for a cover
project…but the nice thing about that is, I just have to “claim”
the cover from my lovely artist.

I love titles, and I love brainstorming
them. I often use titles as the catalyst for entire plots…and if
it’s not the first thing I come up with, it’s normally the second
or third. Some of them give me no end of trouble, but I normally sort
them out in the end.

So…a peek at next year’s tentative
schedule for romantic suspense – release dates still to be


The Wise Critique
The Minister’s Maid


Falling in Pubic

Short collection: BeauTeaful

Chai’d Up
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Sencha Green
Jasmine Betrayal

The short stories will be tea themed!
I’ve been thinking about doing something like that for a few years
now, so I’m excited about getting started on those. I may even
start one before the new year, if I get a chance.

Writers, do you ever just sit and
brainstorm lists of titles, and use those to create your plots?

Readers, what’s your favorite book
title of all time?

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2 comments on “Writing Notes: Plots from Titles (& a peek at my 2012 schedule)

  1. Carol

    Your schedule is so impressive that I won’t even point out the glaring (and hilarious) typo you made. 🙂

    Titles are my weak point. I rarely start writing a piece knowing what the title is ahead of time. If I’m really lucky, one will occur to me before I’m finished.

  2. Jamie DeBree

    You just had to say something though, didn’t you? Now I’m going to have to find it so I can fix it, I guess.

    Or maybe I’ll just leave it to entertain others. 😉