Writing Notes: Sequential Series & Stretching

I’m kind of…well, picky as a reader in some aspects. I’ll read just about any genre, but I do have definite preferences, as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows (digression of POV omitted). One of the things I don’t particularly care for is sequential series – series that must be read in order for them to really make logical sense. If I start a book that I know is sequential in a series, I’ll usually wait until all the books are out before reading. If I don’t know the series is sequential when I start, I often just forget to go back for the next book, aside from a few notable cases. Indie publishing has made me slightly more tolerant recently, since books come out faster – that helps a lot.

So you can imagine my dismay when I was filling out the title card for The Biker’s Wench, and realized that by adding my epilogue (something I also prefer to do without), I forced my previously non-sequential series into “sequential” status, merely because the story thread I ran with in the epilogue will be continued throughout the next several novels as a sequential sub-plot.

Dang it anyways.

The more words and stories I write, the more I find that the story wants what it wants, and to be true to that, I have to employ some techniques that tend to drive me nuts as a reader. Does this make me more tolerant as a reader? Not really, to be honest. But it does make me very much aware of how the construction of my stories has the potential to affect readers in very different ways, and I find myself wanting to improve those techniques so that picky readers like me can at least *tolerate* the construction because of the story itself. If that makes any sense.

How do you feel about sequential series? Read ’em? Write ’em? Avoid ’em like the plague?

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One comment on “Writing Notes: Sequential Series & Stretching

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    I love a good sequential series! Although I am vexed with them for the same reasons you are. Most of Eloisa James’s series are like that. You’re screwed if you read em out of order, but if you get em in order. ::sigh:: literary crack!