Writing Notes: Sleep & Words

This is going to be super-quick, because I was going to just post a short “no post today” notice, but decided to just turn it into a very small post.

It’s 1am on Weds. as I write this. Monday night/Tuesday morning, I was up until 3am finishing a scene…and not really because I wanted too, but because I needed too. It was a force of wills – and I won, but it took some wrangling. Discipline is a funny thing – the more you practice it, the less you need it…

Long story short, I can’t do 3 hrs of sleep twice in a row. And the scene I’m working on tonight isn’t finished – and will stay that way until I can get back to it tomorrow evening.

It’s not uncommon for me to give up sleep for words…but it always requires an extra cost the next day. Still, sometimes it’s worth it.

Other times (like tonight), it’s not.

I’m headed to bed – nearly 5 hours sleep will set me back to “good as new” for tomorrow. Even if the scene (a serial scene for one of my blogs) will probably be late.

When was the last time you denied yourself sleep in lieu of writing?

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2 comments on “Writing Notes: Sleep & Words

  1. Suzanne

    Sleep is definitely a must to keep working at your maximum level each day. Wish I didn’t need so much of it. Naps are too welcoming for me. Thanks for the insight. Self discipline will be my ally in due time!

  2. Carol

    Last time I denied myself sleep in lieu of writing was Monday night. Time before that was Sunday night. 😀

    I’ve started getting into the bad habit of napping during the day. I try to tell myself I’ll write better if I’m not so tired, but it’s really just an excuse.