Writing Notes – Working in the Dark

Have you ever written a scene that
takes place in the dark? I don’t mean a little dark, but pitch
black, no light whatsoever is getting into that space. The kind of
dark that makes people wonder if they even exist.

I like to write them every once in
awhile just to force myself to explore the senses other than sight.
Sound, touch, feel, taste…all things that we tend to take for
granted until we lose them (and so do our characters).

I think that sometimes, the dark can
facilitate feelings as well, make us feel things on so much more
grand a scale that emotions are heightened and connections are
strengthened. All great things for leading up to a satisfying
romance. Or some serious trouble, depending on how you decide to spin

In last night’s “dark” scene, my
characters were drawn together, then nearly pulled apart, and back to
the beginning again. Since they don’t have a flashlight, their
“dark” could last a long time…or could be over in a manner of
minutes. We shall see.

What’s your favorite “in the
dark” scene, either in your book or someone else’s?

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2 comments on “Writing Notes – Working in the Dark

  1. Ardee-ann Eichelmann

    My novel, “As If A Transitive Verb” has the protagonist working in dark, dank, airless places at times. She is often drawn into these spaces by violent events that she witnesses. It heightens her awareness of that which surrounds her and issues that need to be addressed.


  2. anne gallagher

    My absolute favorite scene in the dark is one from Jo Beverly’s SOMETHING WICKED. The hero and heroine are locked in a basement and somehow “wink wink” end up making love on a table. Talk about fun.