A Writer’s Journal

Years ago, I used to blog about writing. And then I started publishing, and wanted my blog to be a place for readers to go, who might not necessarily be interested in the actual process of writing.

Now I find myself wanting a place to keep a sort of record of my thoughts after a good writing session, because I’m constantly learning and working to improve, and I think having those thoughts to refer back to would sometimes be very helpful for me when working on specific areas of my writing.

I could do it privately, of course…but I like the blog (web-log) format, and I also think that sometimes other people can give insight into our thoughts that wouldn’t have occurred to us otherwise.

To that end, I’m hereby dubbing this my writing journal/blog, primarily for thoughts on drafts I have in progress. I’ll post here most weeknights after my normal writing sessions with my thoughts on the day’s work and anything else that applies. Some days I’ll post excerpts, or editing samples, or whatever seems to fit for that day. I write in several genres as well as non-fiction, so the blog will encompass all of those at some point or another. Comments will be moderated, as usual (first post screened, after that they’ll post automatically).

Questions? Feel free to leave a comment, catch me on your favorite social media site, or email me.

Incidentally, my buddy Dolly Garland runs a journaling site called Kaizen Journaling. She doesn’t advocate electronic journals, but if you’re interested in journaling as a consistent exercise, you should check out her site.

One thought on “A Writer’s Journal”

  1. Jamie, I like seeing you process things and think them through. I always learn from you and look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for sharing. Cheers, Ardee-ann

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