April 25, 2013: 989 wds, Sprouted

Draft Title: Sprouted
Author/Genre: Alex Westhaven/Horror
Words Written: 989
Words to Date: 1589
Time Writing: 1 hr 20 minutes

Tonight’s drafting (two sessions) was one of those “just keep writing” sort of things. I still have no idea what’s going to happen, or even where the story itself is, really. But interesting (and somewhat gruesome) things are happening, so that’s good. If I keep moving forward, I’m bound to bump into an actual plot eventually.

It’s occurred to me that I put the wrong date yesterday…it was for the 24th, and I posted on the 25th. So I’ll change the post title for yesterday and get it right today. Chalk it up to late-night “creative brain”.

I’d work on this some more, but I’m falling asleep (literally – can barely keep my eyes open). So I’m headed to bed at 12:35am. Tomorrow, switching gears completely for a little fantasy time…

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