April 29, 2013: 558 wds, THHG

Draft Title: The Handyman’s Harem Girl (THHG)
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/Romantic Suspense
Words Written: 558
Words to Date: 26,719
Time Writing: 1 hour

Tonight’s writing session was annoying, to say the least. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach that’s upset, and he requires extra care/watching when that happens. So I didn’t get nearly as many words in as I wanted to.

Adding to that, this particular scene is a bit more difficult as there’s much that needs to be explained – and quickly – before the reader decides the story isn’t plausible and tosses the book aside. Plus there are some plot points I need to set up here, now that I sort of have a general idea of what’s coming later on. So it’s slower going overall, and the dog thing just didn’t help.

The dog seems to be doing better finally (provided I didn’t just jinx the both of us), and while it’s not a full scene (or even close to done), I have enough written for tomorrow’s serial post.

It’s 12:33am, and I think I’m off to bed.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that Mica was sick. I hope that he doesn’t have trouble in the night. It is hard enough to write without distractions. A sick dog can really put a cramp in your style can’t it. UGH! I hope you sleep well. Hugs, Ardee-ann

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