May 1, 2013: 746 wds, English Breakfast

Draft Title: English Breakfast
Author/Genre: Jamie DeBree/Romantic Suspense
Words Written: 746
Words to Date: 3,139
Time Writing: 1 hour

After no writing yesterday, I was behind today, and the plan was to use one writing session for EB, and the next for another draft. But my first session progress was less than I wanted, so I ended up using both for EB. And I wrote myself a lovely little plot point that I have no idea how to justify yet too. But I’ll find out soon enough. As always, this story just took an odd turn I didn’t anticipate…and there’s another one right around the corner. So that should be interesting…

It’s 12:09am (on 5/2), and I’m going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow’s more productive…I really need to get scenes for two drafts done to catch up this week.

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