Writer’s Notes: February 5, 2022

Words This Week: 607
Current Projects: Gnome/Squirrel story
Editing: MM (a friend’s MS)

This week was not as productive as I’d have liked, but I still got quite a lot done. I had a couple of late starts, which meant not as much time for editing, unfortunately. And I’ve been slacking on reading too, just due to being distracted. I need to fix that this coming week.

You’ll notice the word count above – it’s small, but steady progress on the squirrel story, which turned into a gnome and squirrel story. I like it, I’m definitely on the right track, and I’ll have it finished next week for sure (maybe this weekend even, depending).

I subscribed to a time keeping app this week called Timesheet. It gives me an easy way to keep track of the time I spend on both writing and writing related tasks, and prompts me to record what I did when I stop the timer, which reminds me to keep track of word count. Could I do this myself for free? Absolutely. But this makes it feel more “official”, which in turn makes me less lazy about actually doing it. So, I’m trying this, for awhile, anyways.

While I’m working on staying in the new writing groove, I’m doing a lot of business admin on the publishing side as well. I have several older covers that have to be redone, and while I’m working on those, I’m also rewriting blurbs, adding tag lines, and reformatting those early book files to freshen them up. It’s very time-consuming, but it has to be done due to changing requirements on retail sites, so I’m slowly chipping away at the somewhat overwhelming project. Smashwords is the site requiring the larger covers, and since I make most of my writing income through them, it’s important to get these updated and moving through the distribution stream again.

Now that I’ve decided to get publishing again, I’m excited and impatient to get some books done and ready to go out. If I can just get my writing speed up a bit more (or a lot more – I’d really like to do at least 800-1000 words per day), I’d be super-stoked.

But, the important thing is, I’m writing, and making progress, however slow. And that’s good enough…for now.

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