Writing Notes: March 12, 2022 – On Tiny Stories

Current Project Progress
Ten Word Stories:15
BD Revisions: Stalled
MM (Editing): Complete!

She stares, chest still. At her feet, a toppled teacup.

Do you ever plan out your time and think that you’ll be able to finish a project several days sooner than you actually do?

That’s what I did this week, and why the BD revisions are stalled. I thought I’d be able to finish my editing project by Tuesday night at the latest, and then I sat down late every night, due to procrastination, weariness, fatigue…pick your excuse. I didn’t get up from the living room as early as I should have, is what it boiled down to, and then between the time and my eyes, I only had time to work on one project. And I was so close to the end on the editing project that…I just finished it. Not until Thursday night though, and I stayed up a bit later to do that.

But it’s done, and now I can work heavily on revisions, or work on both drafting and revisions, depending on how I want my workflow to look.

I probably wouldn’t have done that, except that I knew I was going to take next Mon – Weds off work. I fully plan on using one of those three days solely for revisions on BD, which will give me a good jump-start on that.

I did do some writing this week. Up in the project area, you’ll see a new tally for “Ten Word Stories”, and above the project area, a tiny, ten-word story. Alli (The Alliance of Independent Authors) is doing a Ten-Word story contest as part of their upcoming tenth anniversary celebration, and when I saw that, I thought, “What a great idea!” I decided to take a break from the backlit screen every thirty – forty minutes and jot down a quick ten-word story. My eyes get a break, I get a tiny bit of fiction written, and whatever is passible but maybe not “contest worthy” can be used as memes on photos/videos for social media. Win-win!

So, I’m having fun with that. I think I’ll continue writing tiny stories (ten words, twenty, whatever) on tiny breaks throughout the day. It keeps my eyes happier and my mind doing something creative throughout the day, which I also think helps with the day job and being open to odd/creative solutions when problems come up.

Next week, revisions, more tiny stories, and maybe, depending on how revisions go, I’ll start something new. I’m having fun and feeling good about things. Good times.

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